Alienware Aurora R4 Wifi Not Working?!?

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Alienware Aurora R4 Wifi Not Working?!?

This question has been answered by DELL-Chris M

My Aurora R4 has been working like a dream since I purchased it 4 months or more ago until now.  When I boot my computer up and the Windows 7 desktop appears, the wifi logo in the desktop tray below appears then searches for my internet connection and then disappears showing a hard wired ethernet logo with a red cross indicating no connection.  I have checked device manager and the computer does not even show a wireless card present at all?  I have had to put up with this for a month or more now as I have been really busy to sort this out but I finally phoned Dell support who suggested re-installing the drivers, which I did and made no difference at all, the same problem exists.  I have read some forums of people with the same problems and Dell have sending numerous engineers to people and can't fix the problem but make the system perform slower?

Does anyone else have the same or had the same problem that can shed some light on this matter for me please?

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  • OP 9MM,

    You should try powering off, opening the case cover. Find the wireless cables attached to the MIO board labeled BLUETOOTH and WIRELESS. Disconnect both of those from the MIO board. Then reconnect them both. Close the cover and power the system on. Tell us if windows then adds the wireless icon to the taskbar enabling you to connect to your network.

  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for your reply.  I will try what you have advised me and get back to this thread to confirm if it has worked or not.  I will not be able to try the fix out until tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Right, I took the side panel off looking for wires marked Wireless and Bluetooth attached to the MIO board and I could not find a thing? Could you tell me Chris where I should be looking please.
  • I know my Wifi on my Aurora 4 is pretty dire.  Yet my M17x picks up the perfect signal.  Pretty poor.

  • Hi Chris

    Sorry for the delay.  I have opened the side access panel to my Aurora R4 and the MIO board does not look like the one in your picture and I cannot see any wires that look like what the pictures shows? Is it because I have the Aurora R4 ALX?

    I have attached some pictures to this reply on what my board looks like.  I hope you can help me out!

    By cp99 at 2012-08-22

    By cp99 at 2012-08-22

    By cp99 at 2012-08-22

  • Sorry Chris, just realised that the MIO board is the little board under the optical drive bays, am I right? If so, how would I access this on my R4 ALX? It does not seem as open or easy to get to like your picture shows?

  • You carefully remove the black plastic cover, and then slide out the PCIe fan. Watch that wires don't get pinched, yanked, or caught.

    Shut down and power-off first.

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  • Tesla1856,


  • Hi Chris

    Finally had a chance to give this a shot and I am glad to say, "yes" it has fixed my problem and brought my wi-fi back onto the dashboard :)

    Just want to say thanks for your help and Tesla1856, without you guys, I would of had numerous silly call outs to my desktop from engineers who would of taken loads of visits to cure what you did in a couple of emails.

    Best Regards

    OP 9MM