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Alienware x51 just shows a black screen

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Alienware x51 just shows a black screen

  • My x51 has been working fine until today when it suddenly restarted and showed nothing but a black screen. I attempted to unplug and plug back in the ac adapter as well as my DVI-D dual link but had no luck with it. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Try a different monitor, it may not be an issue with your x51 after you tried the things you mentioned above. If you cant try a different monitor at least try to switch the monitors channels, hdmi, dvi etc

    And try to unplug the monitor, leave it unplugged for a couple of seconds. Start it up again and see what happens.

    If none of the above work call AW tech support...

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  • You can also try a different cable or connection, try the onboard HDMI in. If none of that works please send us an e-mail with your tag and phone number along with a brief description of the issue that you are experiencing and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • thanks i tried the hdmi and i got my computer to display but now it just keeps loading bios everytime i try to start windows normally

  • Hmm, can you start in "safe mode" at that boot up prompt to see if it gets into windows that way?  Also give support a call at  1800-alienware so they can walk through some troubleshooting with you or Luis can help here.

  • What if the screen just show black screen (no signal black). And there was not even a beep. Yesterday, I accidentally "upgrade" the bios version from A03 to A02. Then the computer just show the black screen. No beep, no bios option... I feel miserable.