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Warranty Related

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Warranty Related

  • Hello, I've pretty much given up on playing games on my M18x due to the terrible fps drops i deal with 24/7. My warranty on my M18 is ending in about 60 days, is there any good reason why  I should extend it? My system stays  above 80 in temperature, when playing a game or not. Is there anything i can ask them to do in order to fix this?

  • Hi Lilayton,

    What video card do you have? Do you hear the fans spinning?

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  • Geforce GTX 460M, The fans are spinning but they seem useless.

  • Have you tried clearing the dust out ?

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  • Me? No way lol, i mess up stuff to much, what should i do?

  • Likely this is the WRONG advice; but if you are really reluctant to open the casing I would suggest directing a vacuum clean with the nozzle attachment at the fan fins once the laptop has cooled and is powered off. If you do get a noticeable improvement I would suggest dropping it into a PC repair shop for a de-dust ( offer around $15). HTH.

  • i would definately purchase the extended warranty if you can my xps my m15x and my m17x r3 all failed due to graphic gard problems the annoying thing my m17x r3 only lasted 2 months i wouldnt be without my warranty on alienware espically since dell took them over

  • Removing the dust is very important.  On my previous PC, just having the dust removed from the fans of my 2 GPU lowered the temps by around 10-15C.

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