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Is alienware M18X R2 can support up to GTX 680M SLI and above?

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Is alienware M18X R2 can support up to GTX 680M SLI and above?

  • Is alienware M18X R2 can support up to GTX 680M SLI and above?

    And What type that alienware M18X R2 have the MXM port?

    3.0 or 2.0?

    Please give me clear explanation, i'm afraid if alienware M18X R2 cannot support GTX 680M SLI and above.

  • Dell has not tested the GeForce GTX680m.  The Dell validated video cards are on the sales configurator Tech Specs tab.

    2GB GeForce GTX660m
    2GB GeForce GTX675m (Single or Dual SLI)
    2GB AMD Radeon HD7970m (Single or Dual CFX)

    The MXM port is 3.0.

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  • But about 2 weeks ago, Dell announced that we shall expect new GTX 680M and GTX 680M SLI offers before the end of this month.

    I can look for that announcement, though I think you should know this, anyway.

  • so alienware m18x R2 cannot support gtx 680m SLI?. Are dell wanted to make alienware m18x R3?. I already order alienware m18x R2 this month, because i think and i search info that alienware m18x R2 can support gtx 680m SLI. please give clear and deep explanation about this problem.

  • Here is the source, directly from Dell:

  • Until Dell have tested it, and made whatever (if any) firmware updates are needed, they won't say yes.

    They usually only support cards they sell as well, so Chris didn't say it won't work, he simply said Dell haven't provided test information for him to confirm it.

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  • okay then, thank you for source and information. I hope alienware m18x R2 can support GTX 680m SLI.

  • What do you need so much power for? Are you aware that this will probably cost around 800 $ more? You should have a look at the awesome benchmarks of GTX 680, I haven't seen any game which wouldn't run on very high specs fluently, yet!

  • No, i just wanted alienware m18x r2 can support gtx680m sli, so i'm not disappointed with alienware performance. i think if it's support, so i just upgrade it rather than buying it again. saving money.

  • No, you won't be able to upgrade! GTX 660M and GTX 675M are not really new graphics cards because the are still produced in 45 nm process. The new GTX 680M will be the first from the "Kepler" series which are produced in 28 nm process. Thus, new motherboards are required to support the new chipset.

  • GTX 660M also 28nm, what is the different with GTX 680M?

  • Dell started selling the 680M cards in the M18x R2 yesterday.  The price is crazy though 1100 for SLI

  • Braga, sorry, there seems to be more than one 660 version. One of them is only a relabeled GTX 580 (nVidia does this since its 8800 series) whereas the other one is a midrange Kepler.