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Upgrade SSD to > 64Gb

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Upgrade SSD to > 64Gb

  • Hi all. just picked up a new alienware laptop. would like to use a larger SSD. Currently 64Gb and 1Tb discs. would like to be able to put OS and some games on the SSD to improve performance. Is this even necessary, or can I install all the games on the mechanical HDD and only have the OS on the SSD? I only have 8Gb RAM. Is there any need for 16Gb? I have installed all the updates on the new machine and have been left with very little space on the SSD - has anyone tried to dump the bloatware and go with a barebones win 7 install to make room for at leat one game on the SSD. Again, is this even necessary?

    Please provide some comments.



  • Hi Andrew, my personal advise is to use the SSD only for the O.S, I think that it would be better to keep the games on the HDD only.

    As for the first question, yes you can upgrade it and do a clean install on it to have everything on that hard drive and use the HDD only for pictures, music and downloads.  if you want to go for the SSD upgrade you can send us an e-mail to AWUpogrades@dell.com including a brief description of your needs and your phone number and we will help you with that.

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