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Aurora R4 Max Memory

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Aurora R4 Max Memory

  • I bought my R4 a couple of months ago and at the time the max memory they listed was 16Gb but I see now they offer 32Gb as an option. Is there any newer Bios needed to support 32Gb and is there a list of recommended modules. There are quite a few 32Gb 1600 kits out there and memory is so cheap these days.

  • Just have the latest BIos loaded. The only 32GB configuration we validate is four of the Dell OEM 66GKY 8GB,1600MHz PC3-12800,512X64,8,240,2RX8.

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  • Do you know what voltage are the RAM by chance? Thanks.

  • When I use 4 x (8GB 2Rx4 PC3 10600R) memory, the system does not seem to bootup properly - it simply recycles the power. Is there some voltage setting I need to change? Will this memory work on an aurora r4 which initially had 16GB of memeory and is running win7 64Bit system