hmmm, My aurora would not wake-up from sleep mode. What should I do????

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hmmm, My aurora would not wake-up from sleep mode. What should I do????

  • I took my own advice from previous posts I have posted here. I have had no responses so I thought I  was peculiar.....but....I repaired my dot-framrework in control-panel, programs and features by repairing my "dot framework client profile 4: and guess what? now it works fine..I would suggest anything to do with command centre, try this first and then follow the suggestions here.from very knowledgable and respected posters, I'm happy and I love my Aurora, I don't play games but do, do video.


    Peace and Love..

  • Sleep problems are usually in Power Profiles and/or PowerCFG.

    There is an AlienFusion Service that syncs power related settings in Command Center to the real Power Profiles ... so there is your "connection" to Command Center (which uses .Net4 to run).

    ... just a possible explaination why your fix helped.

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