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New x51 system getting really bad wireless connection . Any fixes?

  • Hello all. Just go my x51 a few days ago.  I ran into a problem . Seems like everyday im getting disconnected from battlenet playing starcraft 2 and warcraft 3.  Says my signal is poor to fair.  But my laptop also on wireless connection is getting excellent signal.  Is there any way to adjust options of card to make it better or is my card bad? Maybe my computer setup is to far from router?  Any help would be great . THis is very frusttating to buy a gaming rig and not be able to play

  • @ant559

    You should go here for the solution >>>>>

     X51/i7-3770GTX670 Phantom-The Shadowy Beast/ 8GB1600 MHz DDR3/ Intel SSD 160GB/ Momentus XT 500GB/Blu-Ray/Samsung Galaxy S3

  • There is no fix yet, though they knew of the problem several months before you purchased your system.  They say there is a fix on the way so stay tuned for that.  I personally returned my system well before the 21 day return window closed, and had the restocking fee waived.  I do not aim to influence your decision whatsoever, just know that I was happy with the route I went.