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Alienware a joke

  • After having so many problems with my XPS1330m, Alienware upgraded me to the M15X with an upgrade fee of £400. After 11 months and 8 repairs, Alienware offered me the M17X R3 where again they pursauded me for another £800 to get a fully loaded top spec pc i was happy paying the £800 for the top of the range i7 processor etc etc how after receiving M17R3 problems started its now been 90 days and ive had 7 repairs already good job i have the 3 year warranty i was suppose to get a call from (TOU Violation, cannot state Dell names) on 4th june 2012 for a new replacement as alienware hasnt got any Motherboards hd6970 graphics cards hd screen and keyboards however evertime you contact alienware you cannot get a manager. Alienware service is disgraceful does this only happen to UK customers or is this a Worldwide thing it would be nice to have an email address of somebody higher who i can escalte this too your help would be recieved very gratefully. Moderators, you don't like the truth alienware has gone downhill since Dell got its hands on it.


  • having problems with alienware uk customer support does anybody have an email address of somebody higher in alienware/dell 

  • I can see just how frustrated you must be, and sorry that you have had so much trouble with your laptops. I am glad to hear that you have been able to keep up to date on the latest tech because of it, that silver lining in the dark storm cloud, but now its time to keep your system working right.

    What kind of trouble have you been experiencing right now?


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  • 2 keyboards, 2 graphics cards, motherboard, 2 screens , bezel around keyboard and a ac adaptor all within 90 days

  • What is the problem which they are trying to fix ?

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  • warren71,

    I need some information to escalate this to the EURO team. Send me the following via private message -
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