M17x-R2 AC adapter power cord not recognized?

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M17x-R2 AC adapter power cord not recognized?

  • My Alienware M17x laptop wont recognize the power cord I've been using for almost 2 years now. Can someone help? My warranty is of course up and now my laptop has went to <profanity removed>. It wont charge or even accept my delta AC adaptor as the right power cable. I've tried unplugging everything and holding the power button 10 seconds but nothing has worked. Now my laptop is competely dead and if I have the battery in it with the adaptor plugged in, it will automatically shutdown before the window loading screen. It will start though with just adaptor plugged in but runs extremely slowly and constantly reminds me that the adaptor isnt supported by Dell but it is because it was the adaptor that originally came with my laptop. I was planning on getting a new Alienware soon but after all the problems with the battery I might take my business elsewhere. If anyone has any solutions please tell me, I'm thinking maybe the battery is done but I dont want to fork out the money and find out it wasnt the problem.

  • BAlexanderDX

    ... and if I have the battery in it with the adaptor plugged in, it will automatically shutdown before the window loading screen.

    It will start though with just adaptor plugged in but ...

    If the battery is removed, it ignores the Battery "actions on charge levels" ... in the Power Profile. Boot like that and change the various levels to "Take no action". Now, you should be able to leave the battery attached and see what it's doing.

    Sounds like either the battery or charger is bad. Kind-of hard to tell without a set of good ones, or another identical machine to test with. Could also be laptop itself.

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  • The battery just wont charge and the adaptor sometimes works if it is twisted a certain way inside the socket. I'm gonna take a chance and assume its the power adaptor.

  • Hate to inform you dell has really bad soldering jobs on the alienware if you notice that you have to twist the cable then your problem is probably not the cable but the spot where you plug it into on the laptop.  basically there are 4 spots that solder the power input spot on the computer to the motherboard and they should not have any play in them at all.  Thanks to dells great soldering jobs though if you move the laptop around to much or plug and unplug it the solder will break and they will charge you for another motherboard.  Your best bet is to look up a youtube video on it I know i have found a few and then just resolder it or have someone who knows how do it for you.

  • Yea Bad Cold Solder joints done by oem manufacture of the board.. it happens on alot of electronics specially parts that heat up like charging circuit.... it isnt dells fault they dont make the part... they just cheap out and buy cheap parts:O lol

    it is an easy fix ive done it alot on alot of acers and hp's  with  bad solder  just the tear down is dreadfull and i hate it on some..... you can attempt yourself of take it in to a shope and pay  or buy a overpriced board.... chice is yours when you hear the BEEP...... *BEEEEEEEP*!