cable mixup

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cable mixup

  •  I removed my Nvidea GTX 295's from my Area 51 ALX and I mixed up the cables! I cant remember where they go DUH! DUH! DUH!! this includes the wires off the power supply, the skinny black and red wire off the motherboard (can't remember if it came from the top card or the bottom or if it even matters) I don't even remember which card the monitor is going to connect to!!( the top card or the bottom) I found this article 90942 with info on the power supply connectors but it's wrong.PLEASE HELP!! i'm not sure if i have a 1.1k or 1.2k power supply.  

  • See this document. The GTX 295 is in the chart.

  • Thanks for the post Chris, but this is incorrect. I have an Area 51 ALX, not an Aurora. I don't even have p14 and p15 connectors.Mine are P16, P17, P18, P19, P20, and P21 I did find an article on my system but this too is not right. That one says card1P19 and 20,card 2 P18 and 21 but with this I had no video. I also need to know Which card is 1 and which is 2 (the top or bottom),which card the red and black wire connects in, and which card the monitor will connect. I do not want to damage my system.I hope you can find me the right configuration. THANKS A BUNCH!!

  • Here you go.

  • Okay, this is the same article that I explained resulted in no video, I will just figure it out on my own.

  • Really, that is odd. Several users have used both of those documents to connect the video cards correctly. If your video card has two power supply connectors, they each must be coming from two separate power supply leads/bundles. One power supply lead/bundle cannot be split into two to power the video card. Knowing that, how many power supply leads do you see and what are the numbers on the ends of each lead?

    PCIe x16 slot PCI_E1 (16 PCIe bus lanes) Video Card 1 installed
    PCIe x16 slot PCI_E3 (16 PCIe bus lanes) Video Card 2 installed
    PCIe x16 slot PCI_E5 (4 PCIe bus lanes) No video card

  • I have three leads each with two connectors. lead 1 is p16 and 17, lead 2 is p18 and 19, and lead three is p20 and 21, one of these do not get used . The one one lead with p20 and 21's connectors are smaller than the other two and do not fill the whole socket on the video card.

  • Video card one in the primary motherboard PCIe x16 slot -
    Lead 1 P16 --> 6 pin to 8 pin adapter --> Video card one 8 pin connector
    Lead 2 P18 --> Video card one 6 pin connector

    Video card two in secondary motherboard PCIe x16 slot -
    Lead 1 P17 --> Video card two 6 pin connector
    Lead 2 P19 --> 6 pin to 8 pin adapter --> Video card two 8 pin connector

  • Hey Chris, Good job Dude! your very much appreciated research paid off. this seems to be working okay. I hope I made the right decision connecting the red and black SPDIF wire and the monitor to the top card. It works, but I hope I don't sacrifice video performance or something. Just let me know if I did the right thing. THANKS. Also before you sent me this set up I did have P16 and P17 in the top card and P18 and P19 in the bottom card. this worked as well. but could any thing bad have happend if I left them that way? Again many thanks.