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Issues with M11x

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Issues with M11x

  • I have a M11x R1 which I purchased directly from the Dell website as a brand new product less than 1 year ago so is still under warranty and I have a few issues with it.

    1. The first one is easily reproducible - when I hibernate the M11x while plugged into AC power then unplug the AC power, It will not resume from hibernation and I have to hold the power button to switch off the laptop. If I then plug it back into AC and switch it on it resumes fine. This happens every time I do this.

    2. Sometimes brightness controls do not function. When I press FN+F4 or FN+F5, the brightness indicator comes up, but the brightness won't increase or decrease. I then have to go into the control panel and change it. This is an intermittent problem.

    3. The USB's seem very loose from very little use, USB sticks easily disconnect from the laptop and there is a lot of play/movement between USB devices and the connection on the laptop.

    4. There is a dead pixel right in the centre of the screen as well as what looks like smudges or dead pixels near the edge of the screen and a spot of pixels that are lighter than everything else near the bottom right of the screen. (I have previously raised this screen issue with the customer support but got no where)

    5. When I close the screen it does not close properly and there is a slight gap on one side which can be close by applying pressure to close the screen further but opens again as soon as I let go.

    Overall, I'm severely disappointed with what is meant to be a premium product and I hope someone can help me with these issues!

  • Thanks for posting your issue. Definitely want to get this cleared up for you.

    1.. This can be a few issues, but generally is a driver issue with switching on the screen. One workaround is to hit fn+f4/f5 in order to adjust screen brightness, which will turn the screen back on and bring it out of hibernation or sleep. This does not always work, but is worth testing.

    2. (funny how this is related, in a way, to prior issue) This can also be a driver issue. I would go to your support page and make sure your drivers are updated. This is an issue I am aware of with coming out  of sleep or some other set mode and then trying to adjust. Is this the same with yours?

    3. The "play" is fine, if you are referring to jiggling the plug around. However, there should not be an issue with easily being disconnected. How easily does it disconnect? Do you feel any resistance when you push in or pull out?

    4. I would personally try using many of the dead pixel fixer programs out there to try and "revive" the pixel. Generally, this just flashes quick pulses of color and brightness to try and jolt the pixel (in a manner of speaking). However, with the extent of the issue you have, I would recommend having it sent in to potentially have the screen replaced.

    5. This is a hinge issue. I have the same issue. There is some give to the plastic that the hinge is made of (because it is multiple pieces and the bits do not always "push" each other around properly), and depending on how your laptop is sitting, or the angle of the screen, then when you close it, the screen needs time to "settle" into the closed position. I could go into more detail, but essentially it is not really an impact on the function of the laptop, but is something to bring up with tech to have addressed since you may be sending in your system for screen issues anyways, and this hinge issue can get progressively worse.


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  • Firstly, thank you PhoenixBennu for your speedy reply and help, it is much appreciated. All of the drivers as well as the bios are updated to the newest versions

    1. I don't think we're talking about the same issue here as the screen works fine and there is a prompt on the screen that just flashes when this issue occurs. It seems the laptop somehow "remembers" that it was plugged in when hibernated and won't come out of hibernation unless it is plugged in. This is very annoying as I use the hibernation feature a lot and experience this issue at least once every 2 days. This may be hardware related or bios related.

    2. I have the most up-to-date software as this is the first thing that I thought to do as well. However, this problem does still occur although I do not know how to make it occur and it is an intermittent issue probably software related.

    3. The USB on the left side of the laptop is fine its the two USB's on the right side that are very loose and the play is such that I can wiggle a USB stick up and down causing it to disconnect and reconnect on both of the right-side USB ports. I do feel resistance when I pull a USB in or out but nowhere near as much resistance as the USB on the left side of the laptop.

    4. This is also the first thing I tried with regards to a dead pixel fixer type program but I had no joy unfortunately and none with Dell CS who asked for photos and as the screen is small and high resolution it is quite difficult to get these problems to show up on a point and shoot camera. So they said they could see nothing wrong which I can understand from the photos as it is not really visible in them.

    5. Yes I agree with you on this point it is not much of an issue on function just on the look of what should be a premium device - this would not happen with Dell's main competitor for this type of laptop (ie a macbook) or if it did it would be fixed.

    So, in conclusion, I must admit that although I have tried to ignore these things as I like the laptop I feel I can no longer do this as these problems occur on a daily basis and I have now come to the point where I feel that Dell really need to step in and stand by their premium product and offer some kind of fix for these issues.

    This is not what I would expect from an expensive, premium product!

  • First off, I have say that a macbook is nowhere near a competitor for the alienware series laptops. Macbook is more of the web browsing and some art apps (graphic design, music, etc).The closest competitors would actually have to be Asus, Falcon, MSI, and a few others I wont go into long listings for. Mac is kinda low on the list of competitors. lol.

    Personally, I am going to recommend sending the system in. I assume, as you indicate, that you are near the end of your warranty. With the hinge issue, the dead pixels, the malfunctioning USB ports, and other concerns, these are hardware issues that need to be addressed and possible replaced. I do not want you to get to a point where you can no longer send it in, and are stuck with issues.


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  • I agree with your point I know that a mac can't compare. I meant from a target market point of view in terms of price range and build quality and also most customers would see two premium products and decide between the two based on how they look and which one thy 'like' more.

    I think I will have to go down this route as you suggested was hoping that if people had these issues before then they could point me in the right direction as to what the response from Dell was but I guess as it is the R1 not many people own it anymore.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Yeah. In terms of unknowing consumer base, mac and alienware might seem like competitors because of the price tag, but just funny to me that the price tag for a mac of "high" quality (as high as macs get) is same as the pricetag for an alienware setup....but you get soooooooooo much more bang for the buck. Like paying 100 bucks for a tin can with a AA battery and led light from mac or 100 bucks for a netbook that can play mmorpgs from a pc vendor, lol.

    Keep me posted on what happens, if you get it exchanged or sent it :)


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  • Just to update, Dell technician came round and attempted to fix hinges. In doing so he seems to have broken the laptop section of the hinge as there is now a gap where the two sections of plastic should meet.

    I asked him about this and he said it was Dell's fault as they had sent him a broken LCD assembly and I need to take it up with them. I felt he was lying but have emailed Dell.

    Also, received an email saying that the hibernation problem is not a problem and that I have to live with it, to quote the actual email, "As far as you hibernation issue is concerned techncian checked it and also confirmed it's not an issue. You have to just use your adapter all the time when you switch your PC into hibernation and after you leave it."

    I am shocked at this level of service to say the least and have sent an email and asked for it to be treated as an official complaint.

    I really did not expect this from a company like Dell, especially for their most premium range of laptops. Am kind of disgusted with this response.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the technician called Dell in front of me while testing the laptop for the hibernation issue and confirmed it is an issue to them and it also says so on the slip he left where it says Dell needs to arrange a follow up call for the issue.