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Upgrading the Video Card on Alienware M17x R3

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I currently have the NVidia GTX 580M installed. With the new 600 series coming soon, I might think about upgrading my video card to this. Is it possible to upgrade the graphics card on the Alienware M17x R3 system or is the graphics card built into the motherboard? 

Replies appreciated.

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  • This is one reason I bought my m17x r3. The GPU is definitely able to be changed for the new 600 series. All you do is take off the back cover, take out the gpu fan, take off the gpu assembly with heat sink, remove heat sink, add thermal pads and paste to new gpu, clean heat sink with alcohol or thermal paste cleaner, attach new gpu to heat sink, reassembled, update drivers, and your done. Oh and I forgot the 'add 580m to ebay' part of it. lol

    there are at least a few videos about this, but here is one for example:

    However, you may want to wait to see the performance benchmarks and other information before changing it out. The 580m is a great gpu, and the 600 series is only a marginal improvement, mostly a rebranding, but the cost wont be marginal. 


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