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Re-install DVD on Alienware Aurora R-4

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Re-install DVD on Alienware Aurora R-4

  • rstear

    I was supplied a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit CD with my system.  I hope you're not suggesting a complete reinstall.

    If you want to capture or image the whole system, as it is now ... a program like Acronis will do that. Even Windows has built-in imaging backup now, but it's not "bare metal restore capable" ... you have to re-install Windows (and basic drivers) real quick first.
    If the system ever crashes, you can re-image it back to how it is now.
    Or, you can clean or complete re-install with the Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit DVD, and then the specific drivers from .
    ... then re-insert your backed up data files.

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  • Sort lof a big load to take on having paid for a 3 year warrenty :-(  Even if I do reinstall win7, won't there still be no Windows Recovery Environment?  The Recovery partition is there, the properties giive it 749mb capacity with 210 used.  That seems odd but I think that is all raw data.  I'll get in touch with support and see what's my best path.  Thanks for your suggestions.  As to other backup options, I do have them as you note.  I had other options on the computer purchase too but chose this one from Dell.  I hope to get this backup working as designed.

  • Please don't misunderstand my previous post.  There are more certain things in life besides death and taxes.  One other being that if one has a warrenty on a Dell computer and calls in for support, one must be able to restore that computer to factory fresh before there can be any serious discussions about failing hardware.  I've read, understand, and approve of your preferred procedure for reinstall but with a three year warrenty, no matter how I choose to reinstall, I must be able to do the 'factory restore'.

  • Ok, they did send me a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit CD and a resource DVD so I should be good. I just can't make a recovery disk like they said I could but I can re-install windows7 if I need to ...................

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  • Hi, the Aurora R4 system is running under a boot mode named UEFI; right now AlienRespawn is not supported under UEFI. So to get AlienRespawn in to your computer you will have to reinstall using another boot mode (AHCI or RAID). This would be only until we can release a UEFI compatible AlienRespawn version

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