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Blinking cursor after initial poweron

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Blinking cursor after initial poweron

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I got a new Alienware Desktop Aurora R4 delivered on Friday.

I attached monitor keyboard and mouse as the manual says. I power on and get a blinking cursor on screen top left corner.

No POST takes place. I get 1 beep from the machine. There is a green padlock with number 9 on the keyboard. the mouse is lit underneith.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Forgot to say. Have checked for loose components and connections. They are all well seated to my eyes and feel.

  • Kevin I

    The forum to post this in, is the Alienware Owners Club HERE.

    As this is a brand new computer, it would be advisable to contact Dell ASAP about the issue.



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  • For the R1, one beep is a bad motherboard. Check your manual for POST errors.

    MIght try disconnecting everything but the monitor and see if it boots. Turn it back off by holding down the power button.

    In any case, call Dell support as  advised.

  • Thanks both. I still cant find a telephone number for dell tech support. Anyone know one that doesnt try to charge me 20 quid to say hello?

  • I am in the USA so I do not know anything about charges...

    UK Technical Support: 0800 2799751, Option 3
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  • Thanks Chris.

    It would seem once I got into the BIOS, by pressing F2, it was simply a matter of changing the boot otions from RAID to UEFI. They would appear to have sent it from the factory with this set incorrectly.

    The UK technical support department is also on 0844 3381200