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Sorry an error occured while processing your request

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Sorry an error occured while processing your request

  • i have ordered an Alienware x51, i am aware of all these delays people are having, and i am no different but today when i try to view my order status all i get is this message

     "Sorry an error occured while processing your request"

    could this mean my order status is being updated? or are any others getting this message. i am from the UK and my EDD is not untill 27/03/12

  • also on the "my account" page it says.. No recent orders to display

    it says you can view status of orders from up to 2 years ago, i ordered 2 weeks ago so this should be showing up, it has shown up previously but now i get that message ^

  • Hi, Im receiving the same error message, ordered an mx11 on Saturday, it was displaying the details but now when I click to check the progress i get "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request."

  • yesterday my order was saying it had been dispatched, but now all i get is the error message .Im too from the Uk ..what the hell is going on , now i cant track my order ! i was shocked to see it being dispatched even though i had a EDD of 23rd April 2012 . I have had no email saying its been dispatched neither no phone call but this can take a few days for the parcel to reach the courier .wonder if my dispatch was an error ? if no different later today i will give them a ring .

  • If you do call can you update here, if I get any other info Ill do the same.

  • Contacted Dell on Dell Chat: got the following message back: "Thank you for holding. I checked our system and it showed that your order is in production. The estimated date of delivery is on or before March 20th. I will monitor this one for your convenience and I will keep you updated until delivery. Please take note of this Service Request Number for future reference"

    15:53:32   Thanks, is there a problem or known issue with the dell website?

    15:54:27   Yes, we are having technical difficulties as of the moment. I apologise for the inconvenience.

  • my order status came back up today and nothings changed so guess it was just "technical difficulties"

    overall i am not happy with the service from dell, or the wait time for my order, but going to have to live with it. unless it gets here and doesn't work, now that would be the icing on the cake!

  • I contacted chat twice and both times i got the same person who knew nothing even when i gave her my order number and customer number. she said both times to phone customer support ..epic fail on dell . i now feel they messed with my dispatch as it now can not be tracked even on Walsh western (syncreon) as it says order number does not match customer number ..

  • my order status came up yesterday and now it is back to "sorry an error occurred while processing your request" this is my first order from dell and i don't think i will ever buy from them again, over a month before it gets here, and i will have already paid a monthly installment and wont have received my order. so its like im paying for something that i don't even have yet, if it ever gets here