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Video cards

  • Can someone please help me out here:

    Why are video card options so limited?   Why nothing over a 560 ti?

  • At least they finally added the AMD-6870 (there wasn't even an AMD choice for a while).

    It seems that Dell Sales admin is un-reachable (even for me) but I'll keep trying (I have other questions too). I was just told to use the Feedback link on the bottom of the pages in question ... so try that. I wouldn't even guess as to why it is (shortages, etc.) because that would just be speculation.

    Read my post in this thread:


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  • They took the 580 off because they are currently out of stock and will not be able to get it until the 15th of March. Right now there having a huge problem with delaying orders that where made early February, and after, until they are able to get the video cards, so they took it off the market so no more orders will stack up.