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HDMI Input Problem, No sound. HELP!!

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HDMI Input Problem, No sound. HELP!!

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Hi everyone, Im not sure if this is where I should post the topic, but Im having problems with my HDMI Input on my Alienware M17x R3.

Basically the picture quality is great and it works well, Except there is no sound coming out. (if connected to a xbox, ps3, dvd player etc)

Does the HDMI input have sound in built into it? 

Any help guys would be awesome

Thanks :)

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  • So your connecting the xbox, ps3, dvd player, to the HDMI port on the right side of the chassis? Those devices have to be set to send the HDMI audio into the M17x-R3. Have you check their audio menus? Have you then opened the IDT92HD73C audio control panel and checked the Playback settings?

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  • Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply.

    Basically I'm referring to connecting my PS3 to my R3. The settings are all set to HDMI as it is usually set up with the TV via the same setup so there shouldn't be any issues there with audio settings.

    I have a Nvidia GTX 460M, Im not to sure if there is ment to be any audio options there, I have searched around my laptop for all my audio controls and all I can find is the basic Audio setup on the start bar icons by time & date.

    The only settings in there are HDMI out (Sony TV), 2 speaker settings (3.5mm jack) and a S/PDIF input.

    Is it a possibility I am missing some software or a driver to run/ control the HDMI Input sound? Thats the only conclusion I can think of.

  • Just updated the HDMI out sound driver, it is now called the NVIDIA HDMI Output (port 1)

  • Ok, the right and left HDMI ports do both video and audio so we must be missing a software step somewhere. I suggest you post on the NRF. Those guys are sharp. report back if they find the fix.

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  • I had that same problem and it ended up being the HDMI cable itself. May not be the case for you but if you can I would suggest trying another HDMI cable just to rule that out.

  • I have tried a few cables... nothing happens... the screens also a bit blurry and it has like a screen burn or multiple picture when using hdmi in. maybe the port is a bit broken HA

    I just ended up buying some Turtle Beach PX5's and now I get all the sound I need. Still I think theres something up with my port, I just dont know what.

  • Hi King Ryan,

    I had the same problem with my Alienware M17x R4 and i've solved it!

    - open Sound Blaster Recon3Di software

    - go to "Mixer" page

    Inside the frame named Rec:

    - click on the last icon of the line "Input HDMI" and enable "listen to this device"

  • thank you very much for that. i had the issue with no sound in my r4 and it worked. i didnt think it would be that easy.

  • I dont have those software features on my R3 unfortunately. I have however temporarily solved this problem by using an eternal sound source in the means of px5 wireless headset. And I dont plan on using it as a monitor to much more in the future. Thanks for the reply's everyone

  • Thanks a lot. That helped me.. 


    I know this is an old thread and I am slightly behind. WHen I open my Sound Blaster Recon3Di Software and go the mixer page. The last line in the line of HDMI input as a small square with the setting symbol on it. I can not seem to find the listen to this device button.


    Many Thanks,

    B Ashman

  • Hi,

    Click on the setting symbol.

    You should have a popup with a checkbox inside. The checkbox must be checked.


  • Hi,


    I click it and all that shows up is Balance and then

    L and R?

    Sorry to bother but do you have any way around this or an alternative?



  • Unfortunately, I don't have alternative.


  • Hi

    I had the same problem.

    "HDMI IN"-device was active and set as default input device while the speakers were defined as default output device.

    I knew the cable was OK as my PS3 worked fine with it when connected to the TV.

    The solution was the following:

    (As i'm running Windows8 on german language settings i can't give you the exact names of the buttons / interfaces)

    1. Go to your input devices and  right click on your HDMI IN

    2. Click on properties / settings

    3. This should have opened a new dialog with four tabs. Open the second tab:  Recording / Input

    4. Make sure the checkbox is clicked that says something like: "Use this device as output source"

    The checkbox enables the forwarding of the input signal given by the HDMI IN to the output device of your choice.

    Normaly the selected output device is the "default output device" (in my case the default output device was my speakers)

    I hope this helps.