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I'm Scared...Want Emo Support

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I'm Scared...Want Emo Support

  • So, I am going on my fourth Alienware PC and was pretty excited until I started reading some of the horror stories.

    I bought the X51.  I have always had this sorta dream of walking into Starbucks with a desktop under my arm, I really have no idea why.  I think the X51 gives me that chance.  Now, the problem is...I want to walk in with a desktop that works. 

    Is it really that bad? 

    Now, I called to get the $100 promo card and backpack attached to my order which wasn't offered when I initially placed my order.  Since I have not received anything yet I think I should be included in those promos.  Now I want to walk into Starbucks with my desktop in my backpack instead of under my arm.  Anyway, the employee order support guy told me there may be some problems with that and my oder may not even be coming on time.

    I didnt like the sound of that, especially with the negative feedback I have been reading.  I also want to go with the additional year of support which I have never had to worry about before, I hope thats not a problem.

    Make me feel better, Chris.

  • The new sales does not sound really good. The X51 used to start out at 699.00, now it is 798.00. If you got in at the lower price you could just buy the messenger bag outright and still be at the same price. It seems as dell upprf the price to cover the bag. Nice selling technique Dell, we can see right through it.


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  • It is still $699.  The $798 price includes the $100 Alienware backpack.  The $100 is then discounted in checkout.  Its a free backpack but for some reason the price of the backpack is added to the total during the customizing phase.  

  • I have to ask...

    Why on earth would you want to take a desktop PC into a Starbucks?

  • Sorry, about the math.  The backpack is only $99.

  • Ever see anyone with a desktop in a Starbucks?  Thats why, I guess.

  • I have not seen anyone with a desktop at Starbucks. Would you bring a monitor and kb/mouse also? I'm trying to envision this. It would be weird seeing someone slapping a dormant tower down on their table while sipping a lowfat caramel latte.

  • Wouldn't you need to carry a keyboard, screen etc ? heh

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  • Another thing I always wanted to do is walk into a Sprint store with an old Moto brick phone and ask them about trade-ins on a new phone.

    Just cant find one of those old phones.

  • C'mon guys, of course I would need a monitor, keyboard and mouse....Thats whats funny about it...no?

    I would try and go small on the monitor.

    Just picture a guy walking and pulling out a surge strip...that would be funny.

  • I'm with you. If nothing else be sure to get some video for us.

  • From my and many other peoples experiences with the X51, I hope that you get one that works, before you take it into Starbucks!

  • You could always use it to heat your latte, before the X51 overheats and shuts down of course!

  • I'm the nutter who went into a bank on Halloween dressed a Jason Voorhee's, with the hockey mask on top of my head face showing, but due to the over head camera's they thought the mask on my face, I was greeted by lots of Armed Police, so I've had my share of doing crazy things in shops :P

    I guess you could get away with a laser keyboard and mouse (the projection type), not very accurate but if its just for giggles.

    Monitor wise, sure you could use a mobile panel like I used to use for video, I had a 10.1" video monitor battery op, that I'd plug into the Canon video camera. I picked it up from B&H (state side) for around $250. Pretty much looks like the screen off a laptop with what looked like a housing brick you hooked onto your belt to power it.

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