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Alienware X51 Wireless Issues

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Alienware X51 Wireless Issues

  • Chris I e-mailed them but it said it was not sent for too long and cancelled. Are they pickin a select few to respond too? This is very frustrating as i just got mine a couple days ago and they couldn't have put the better one in? Because you guys had found a fix before that, I hope I get a response or its 1500 down the drain on a key component in gaming. The Wirelss connection.. please let me know why they won't respond.

  • @Chris

    I was kind of hoping I could verify before the purchase but I guess as long as I can take a peek at the packaging and inside of it, I have time to return it if it doesn't come with the fix.

  • @Chris as I can read from an earlier post the someone in Australia has had their antennas replaced, can you confirm if the EU is being covered now? I'm in Luxembourg.

  • Just FYI to everyone. Sunday I called to complain about my terrible wireless connection and dell sent out a service tech yesterday to replace the internal antenna and now it works much this might be the fix most of you are waiting for....

  • What number did you call?
  • Alienware tech service.......

  • 18002543692.....

  • Hi , I also experiencing the same issue with my X51 Alienware, is there any progress or fix for this?

  • For me the tech changed out the internal antennae and rerouted there fine now....

  • @orangecrush95

    Be nice if the one that get it fix Post the country they are  located  thanks!!!!

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  • He is USA. At least his IP address says so.

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  • Ohio...USA....and I don't know why more of u are not getting this fix.......I called on Sunday and 48 hours later it was fixed...

  • I cant even get a reply to the email to the tech guys, lets alone a fix arranged. Emailed several times and not even the courtesy of a reply.

    I'll give it till lunchtime today then take the matter back up with their corp cust relations.

  • Stu5640,

    I see that you are in the UK. You should contact the regular UK Support team via phone or email (

    Tell them -

    Reason: Alienware X51 Wireless Connection/Drop Issues.

    Solution: Replace the current 0X5MG wireless antenna with new VRHN0 wireless antenna kit via an Onsite Service. Our policy dictates that our onsite technician must do the labor since they will have been shown how to route the antenna in the chassis

    Provide to them the following information -
    Service Tag number:
    Phone number:
    Email Address:
    Shipping Address:
    Best time to reach you:

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  • I would call....the email is worthless....I sent one out the week before when I got the computer and I still have not heard a thing a <ADMIN NOTE :Profane word removed per TOU policy> and complain a lot....after all they have your worked for me!