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m11x R1 GPU drivers

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m11x R1 GPU drivers

  • 14 months ago I bought a brand new M11x R1 via Dell's website. 6 months in, the hinges failed and I later learned this was a known design flaw. Thankfully this occurred within warranty and Dell were very responsive in getting the unit repaired. Now, scarcely more than a year after I forked out a small fortune for the computer, I've learnt that the GPU is no longer to receive updates to its drivers. In fact, the last update to the R1's graphics drivers was a full NINE MONTHS before I bought it. I am appalled that I seem to have been sold hardware that was obsolete before I even bought it and feel absolutely sick to my stomach that I have wasted so much money. I bought this machine as an investment with an expectation that it would remain current for at least two or three years. Now I find that many new games either will not run or run very poorly due to the outdated drivers and worse yet that the newer revisions continue to be supported.

    What are my options now? I am utterly beside myself and cannot believe that in this day and age a major company can get away with such practices.

  • If you swing over to the alienware section of notebookreview.com We have a fair amount of help solving the outdated drivers on the r1.  There are lots of r1 owners overthere with some amazing mods, and there is even someone who has made a new set of drivers for the r1.

  • I have looked at those and I can't get them to work. I also find it pretty staggering that despite the system no longer being supported, users are able to create their own solutions. If they can do it, why can't dell/alienware? Unbelievable!

  • Dell/alienware doesnt because the system is 2 years old, Nvidi a no longer supports manual switching gpu, there are 2 new models already.

    Lots of reasons why.

    But, if you dont mind not being able to switch your gpu, you can go into the bios, change the gpu settings to "discrete" then install the newest drivers right from nvidia.

  • And as for the people on notebookreview who made their own.  Right now they only have a version of optimus working.  The manual swtiching was scrapped due it never working right.  

  • I understand that hardware becomes obsolete over time. What I don't understand was why if the R1 was already obsolete it was sold to me without any warnings about the lack of support Dell apparently knew was going to be an issue, especially for the amount I paid.

    The ability to use the low powered graphics option is crucial for me. I travel around a lot and the massive reduction in battery time when using the discrete chip is utterly unacceptable, not to mention the heat generated even during "office" usage. If I had known that this was what I was buying into at the time I would never have put down the cash. it's disgraceful.

  • Skipjack451: Yeah I know what you mean :/ I have the R1 too with outdated stuff, except for the graphics card. If your still looking for new updates on the graphics card here it is. www.geforce.com/.../41704 , came out on the 21st of Feb. If you wanna play games your gonna have to go to Bios and put your switchable graphics mode to discrete in order for you to use the new update and you could no longer switch to the integrated card unless you wanna uninstall the new update then you could switch it. Hope this makes sense to you