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Aurora-R4 Operating System freezing at starting Windows

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Aurora-R4 Operating System freezing at starting Windows

  • Problem: Alienware Aurora R4 blank screen or system hang during Windows boot.

    Description: Some Alienware Aurora R4 systems may display a black screen and/or hang while Windows is loading. 

    Solution: Engineering is aware of the problem and working towards a solution. To work around the issue, follow the instructions below -
    * Restart the PC
    * Press F2 to enter the BIOS setup and record the current Boot Mode value (either Legacy or uEFI)
    * Press F9 to load the Optimized Defaults
    * Choose Yes at the pop-up prompt.  This disables the CPU overclocking and resets the Boot Mode
    * Press F10 to Save and Exit the BIOS setup
    * Choose Yes at the pop-up prompt
    * Immediately upon the subsequent reboot, press F2 to enter the BIOS setup and manually restore the prior Boot Mode value from the first step
    (either Legacy or uEFI) 
    * Press F10 to Save and Exit the BIOS setup
    * Choose chose Yes at the pop-up prompt and allow the PC to normally boot to Windows
    NOTE - Restoring the CPU overclocking will create the system hang so leave it off until we come out with a permanent fix.

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  • hmm im having this problem Chris im going to try this but problem is .. Alienware didnt overclock my PC in the first place as it was suppose to be 3.4ghz OC to 3.9 but still 3.4ghz lol but i dont mind cas im sure reduces CPU life if overclocked right? so u think this will still give a temporary fix to my problem ???

  • Hi justicesinx,

    I too, thought I was not overclocked.

    I called the Alienware tech guys.  He put a monitor on my desktop from this source:

    Mine is called, "Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0" .

    It shows graphically on my desktop how the CPU overclocks as it is needed, then idles down to 3.4 when it is not needed.  Mine goes to 3.9 .

    Maybe this is the same case as me concerning yours.  

  • thanks dude yea that program u linked is awesome shows how goes up when i try use the CPU thanks for that i guess going to try what chris said then and see if fix's problem for now :)

  • ok ive tried  that fix Chris it works !!!! now dont have to restart PC like 200 times to get into windows !!! it does take longer to get past the alienhead bit at start but idc :P as long as gets into windows am happy ty for temp fix :P hope perm can be found soon :)

  • This is the thread I was hoping existed.  

    Will reset back to default as suggested. I didnt even believe my chip was overclocked at first but the helpful guy fro AW/Dell advised me how to get the chip to 4.2ghz. Which on the store is another £400. Crazy when its a flick of the switch. Anyway ill revert to stock untill this is fixed. Thanks guys. 

  • Ok so when you say "RECORD" the current boot mode value what i don't know is how to record that.....sorry I got no experience in this still learning, the rest i understand it's just that i don't know what you mean by "record"

    I also called dell about this and they told me I had 2 options 1) re-install windows 2) return the computer for another one i think they said. So i picked re-install windows which i did but it seems the problem is still here i have to re-boot my pc 2-6 times to pass "starting windows"....really annoying, dell never mentioned about this temporary solution so i'm a bit scared/worried that this will mess up my warranty? or anything.....

  • Its a A02 bios problem not specifically Windows.  

    When he said RECORD the boot mode just take a mental note or jot down If it says Legacy or uEFI.  That way you can set it back when you reneter BIOs after a default reset. :)

  • Hello all,

    I just want to share with you my first Alienware experience.

    I have got an Aurora R4 on Jan 31 2012.

     -bios A02

     -GTX 580

     -Dual Optical Drives BD RW + DVD RW

    I use it essentially for photos and video editing, and I have got a Windows freezing at starting up as explained in this thread.

    I have to use the button start / stop 5-6 times for windows to pass the "Windows is starting..." message !

    This prblem was observed when a long shutdown during 8 hours and more. When the windows was succesfully started, re-starting windows again was not a problem.

    I will try the solution posted by Chris M and Kurt459.

  • It is great that Chris has posted this temporary fix by removing the system overclocking, but why in the world are all new R4s listed on the website overclocked by default if this is a known problem?

  • i messed up :( now windows wont start help?

  • Mirand can you go to bios?   If so just F9 then enter yes.  Press F10 then enter yes .    Now F2 back into bios then press right into boot tab. If it says uEFI hightlight it then press enter.  Press enter at the big red panel then highlight LEGACY.  Press enter then F9 then enter YES. Then press F10 then enter YES. Now let PC boot into Windows.

    Let me know.

  • Ok so boot mode was UEFi switched it to LEGACY and now i get a blackscreen with an underscore sign blinking.....i did load defaults and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 boot changed

  • Ok so before you changed it. How far would the pc boot?

  • it would freeze in "starting windowns" and the 4 circles that make the windows logo would form 10 seconds later freeze...but now it says starting windows BUT the 4 circles don't form into the logo the pc re-boots it self and repeat