Alienware X51 Optical Disk Drive Ejects CD/DVDs

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Alienware X51 Optical Disk Drive Ejects CD/DVDs

  • Hey guys.  Wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue.

    I recieved my new X-51 about 2 weeks ago.  It's been great until a few days ago.  I started copying CDs onto the computer and on a lot of CDs, it has started no even taking in the cd all the way.  it starts to draw it in, but stops and ejects the CD.  I can still see a very small part of it sticking out, never having gone all the way in.  This is getting frustrating.


  • I have just returned my X51 for full refund. Bad optical drive and not impressed with support from DELL sorry.

  • Yea things hapend some times

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  • I´m awaiting a brand new x51 from Dell. They finally gave in and let me at least replace the faulty one. Now they promise that the new one i built with new parts with different partnumbers which is supposed to work. I really hope they do!

    But it´s taken a loooong time and I´m not satisfied at all. I got my faulty computer delivered February 21 and since I have been struggling to make Dell take responsibility and help me. It may take one or two more weeks before I get the new one. I finally accepted a new one when Dell gave me an ultimatum - I get a new one or Dell doesn´t do anything and I go to court. Just having a lawyer to look at the agreements and terms would cost more than half the price of the x51. That´s why I accepted a new computer.

    But so everyone knows, that is how Dell treats their unsatisfied customers. Dell can´t fix the problem, but theres is no refund to expect. Just because buying the computer through my company. It´s taken me hours being on the phone speaking to people that aren´t listening. I asked what the plan was to compensate me and the answer is just that Dell doesn´t compensate, ever. Thank´s a lot.

    I will NEVER even think about buying a computer from Dell again.

  • Does the scratch and dent from the outlet come with the new bezel?  It was purchased today

  • Dell techy sorted this for me on my brand new x51 . I had to take top cover off then loosen one screw on top bracket holding player , put top back on . Then all works fine !! Ridiculous that Dell know how to fix easily back dont do it themselves pre shipping , crazy .

  • Ok so i have the X51 that has the quad core and all the other fancy stuff. and today is the 2nd time i have ever gone to use the disc drive on it(i've had the computer for just about two months now) and i burned one dvd then it wouldnt eject right away. when it finally did it didnt fall out or anything. but when i went to put the next disc in it just wouldnt accept it. i restarted, shutdown. you name it. but its still just not accepting discs in general. i love this computer but i dont get why something just stops working for no apparent reason!

    HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GA31N ATA Device, is the drive it says it has.

  • also should mention that whenever i start the computer or wake it from sleep the drive makes the noise like its trying to eject the disc

  • The Wireless cards in these XP51's are very weak.  I had to buy a wi-fi extender. Solved the problem. Make sure you get one that is dual band. Netgear sells one for about 80 dollars usa. ....and my disc drive won't read or eject discs. Going to call tech support tomorrow... problem is probably cheap chinese drives.

  • tech support can definitely fix both of those issues wifi and the ODD.  Mention both when you call so they can correct both with a single visit.

  • The extender fixed my problem with the wi-fi ....and a tech is coming in 3 days to replace the drive.  So far my dealings with Dell support have been favorable.

  • This explains why I got this via the outlet site! What a silly and ridiculous thing to have happen. The screw-loosening hasn't worked for me I will PM Chris cos he seems nice (and because the Dell tech support site doesn't recognise my service tags. Sigh.

  • They replaced my drive and has been ok last month or so.

  • MKFantastico

    This explains why I got this via the outlet site! What a silly and ridiculous thing to have happen. The screw-loosening hasn't worked for me I will PM Chris cos he seems nice (and because the Dell tech support site doesn't recognise my service tags. Sigh.


    Are you sure it's not the cat? If it's the cat I can walk you through trouble shooting the cat Big Smile Come on, gotta turn lemons into lemonade!!! Wink

    BTW, PM Chris he can help you.


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  • Thanks, I enjoyed that : D

    My bafflement at this problem compounds however:

    1) Even as an outlet product it should have been tested before shipping

    2) This is a problem that is apparently quite common and Dell is aware of with regard to fixing it

    3) Its the single most stupid and ridiculous problem I've ever heard of happening - 'the screws are too tight'... Srsly?!

    I'll see how tech support respond - I'm sure they'll be great, but I'm still pretty miffed that this debacle has unnecessarily occurred in the first place. Off to look at more cat videos to cheer up!