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Alienware M17x R3 Graphic Card Issue (GTX580M)

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Alienware M17x R3 Graphic Card Issue (GTX580M)

  • Hello all!

    I have recently been having some trouble with my M17x R3 laptop. I have had this laptop for six months without any problems until about a month ago. I was playing a game using my laptops GTX580m graphics card when it suddenly and for the first time bluescreened on me! The computer had a bugcheck code of Ox116

    After letting the computer restart I launched the same game and it did not crash again the whole night. For about two weeks after the first crash no other crashes occured and i thought it was just a random thing but beginning about two weeks ago my laptop has started crashing more and more frequently. The crashing has also spread from only that game to every game that I own! These games range from StarCraft II and other new games to Older games which require little resources to run. Sad

     I have noticed though that my laptop will only crash when I run games on the GTX580m card. It will run games fine on the Intel HD 3000 integrated card. The crashes are random and can happen after 2 hours of gaming or right at the games welcome screen. 

    I have called Dell/Alienware Tech support at least 4 times and they have not found the cause of the problem or a solution to fix it. Some things they have tried are:

    1. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the GTX580m (They used a program to remove all traces of the old drivers)

    2. Running tests on my processor, memory, and RAM

    3. Reinstalling the operating system ( I thought that would fix it but alas...)

    Now I have made no modifications to my system or overclocked my graphics card and have never opened it up so I have no idea what could be the cause of the problem but I would love some help in solving the issue and some opinions of what steps to take!

    Thanks so much!


  • Do you get the video timeout pop-up with it? If you're still under warranty then have Dell replace the GPU. Power issue can cause it too but that takes a mobo replacment. Let them try the GPU first before getting into that.


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  • MJ134,

    Download and install the GTX580m vbios. Restart the PC when done and retest the games.

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  • Morblore: Thank you for the idea (I kinda thought it might be the card)! I don't think i got a pop up with the crash. All that i can see is that the screen will freeze and the sound will start repeating and then it will crash 2-4 seconds later. To get a replacement graphics card do I have to call Alienware Tech support again? I've gone through the same steps every time and not once have they offered to replace anything.

    Chris M: Thank you for replying! I will install the vbios tomorrow and report back! Should I save any certain files in case something goes wrong during installation? Are there any steps I should take before installing this? (Don't want to finish with a PC more broken then it already is!)

  • The installation instructions do not mention saving anything. If the vbios fails to complete, we would simply replace the video card.

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  • Thank you for your help Chris! I'll install it soon and report back!

  • Well I went through the install and it did nothing to the problem so I gave in and called Dell a 5th time. Luckily they finally agreed to replace my video card and sent a motherboard just in case the video replacement doesn't fix the problem. Gonna cross my fingers and report back after the tech comes. Thanks for the help Chris and morblore!