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I/O error status of 0xc0000056

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I/O error status of 0xc0000056

  • For some reason after running for about 5 mins my laptop will freeze up and then appear to disconect itself from the hard drive and tell me it has no memory or something, please forgive me im not very tech smart.

    I looked up the error and found a tool to fix but when trying to run it im told its not compatible with windows 7 even though the download says it is, the advanced instructions for the fix said to do a system restore which I did but sloved nothing : (

    Can someone please help at all? I have a M17x

  • * Make sure the laptop is using the AC adapter
    * Turn on or restart the computer
    * When the Dell logo appears, press F12 immediately. If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop, and then shut down the computer and try again
    * Select Diagnostics from the menu and press Enter
    * If a failure is detected, the computer stops and beeps, press Y to retest the component that failed

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