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m11x R3 beginning of hinge problem?

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m11x R3 beginning of hinge problem?

  • I purchased my m11x r3 this year and received it in June, after wanting one for several years. The main reason holiding me back all the years was reading about all the problems people where having with the hinges.

    After reading that the problem was resolved I finally got one and love it. However, over the past few weeks, the left hand hinge has started to creak/click (only happens when opening and you can feel it as it "clicks"). I treat the laptop with the upmost care considering it's the second most expensive purchase I have made in my life, and i'm very concerned at this point considering i've had it less than 3 months.

    I searched the forum to try and see if any other m11x r3 owners are having issues...but due to all the threads raised in the past i've given up after reading articles for about an hour (all turned out to be relating to earlier models). Can anyone advise if they are having issues? and/or is it worth contacting Dell at this stage considering its not actually broken at this point?

    Many thanks

  • I say wait till it actually breaks and is free moving because dell will only replace it once per warrenty, thats what i was told when i had mine replaced last march.

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  • Dell will replace it as many times as it takes.... I have had 5 screens on my r1 already, and have another r1 that is on its second screen.

  • I got mine around the same time as you did.  No Hinge problems yet.  However, my mic no longer works.


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  • I also purchased an m11xr3 in June and had no problems until about a month ago. The left hinge creeks and clicks when I open the computer, also when the screen is at a certain angle it creeks. I did not purchase a warranty... does anyone know if there is a recall on this?

    I take great care of my computer, as long as the problem doesn't progress it's not that bad but then again it is kind of annoying. 

  • Ive had my m11x r3 for 2 1/2 weeks and my hinges have started craking when you open the screen and click a little when closing it, it doesnt feel any different from when i first had it.

    lovinfive even if your laptop is outside the 1 year warranty if you live in the UK by LAW dell have to sort it as the product has to last for a "Reasonable time" which is for computers 3-4years. 

    Outside of warranty

    The law states that goods must last a reasonable amount of time. The warranty for your laptop may last only a year or two, but if you have a problem after three or even four years, and you wouldn’t reasonably expect to have that problem, it’s worth pursuing.

    Expect to pay for the laptop to be repaired and then try to claim this back from the retailer – you may have to take it to the <TOU Violation>

    Taken from Which

  • That euro thing is such a scam. All it does is promote people to pay for the minium warranty (1 year), then wait until the 13th month and make a claim. Anyway, if anyone has a hinge issue just contact Alienware Support for your region and we will fix it.

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  • Not Really a Scam per se Chris, but totally open to abuse, but to be fair its one of the few things consumers can abuse where as companies abuse so much. Like I recently discovered a Dell product is NOT parts and Labour Warranty its is Parts Only, so I presumable Dell would provide parts then charge me to fit them.

    Honestly If I paid approx $6500 (ish) like I have and in 13-16 months it breaks due to Design / Manufacture Fault then I'm gonna come for a fix.

    I have personally opted for the Max 3 years + Accidental Damage, so I'll no doubt get my moneys worth, and maybe if it breaks as much as some people, I'll get an upgrade to a M18x R2 at the 13 month mark :P

    I guess now is a good time to ask, after 3 years can the warranty be extended again ?

    Oh, my Battery Died on week 54, I was being fobbed off at first but then the tech took petty on me after seeing I had emailed multiple times to extend my warranty but getting no where. I did renew my warranty with my new battery, which died again on week 170 after the 3 year finally ran out. Someone could say its suspicious timing but gotta go sometime right ?

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  • without prejudice.


    I notice the prices outside North America are close to double or more than Canadian $'s ( that I paid ), and the prices here are usually more than the continental U.S.  A scam? I don't think so Chris-M, the cost of this UK legislation to Dell is more than accounted for in their prices in that country and if Dell could produce a better product with less failures they could be accused of operating a scam by overcharging. Not to get into a disagreement with anyone but I believe that the "scam" post was unnecessary and quite out of line. I can understand the thinking but not in the context of the pricing abroad.

    As I read it, the expectation of the law is a 3 year usable life ( or there-abouts ) a reasonable time for the price. If Dell could produce a product that was trouble-free for 3 years Dell would make a financial killing.. Think about that !!

    Good Luck.

  • Why was the words "Small Claims Court" deleted out of the "Out of Warranty" post above ?

    I've been holding back using UK Legislation or writing to the Consumerist, Engadget or the various other media outlets which eat up opportunities to beat down Dell. This is down to my previous previous good service and I guess faith carried forward giving me hope that I'll be 'taken care of' in a good way rather than my head bashed in with a car door Soprano Style.

    Dodger, to be fair if you was buying a stable office computer or something built for stability I have little doubt you'd get 3 years service with no problems. I have a PowerEdge 1400SC from the back end of the 90s which has run almost constantly for over a decade, and when I installed new 2x2tb Hard Drives for the Storage last month, it had uptime of 999 days 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds which appeared to be as high as the counter went. It still has the original 18tb (2x) Cheetah SCSI drives in it for the OS in Raid 1 formation.

    The only fault it has was a mother board failure around 2002/3 which was out of warranty but Dell still replaced it.

    The Latitude CPx650's we used back then as company laptops NEVER a fault, only fault we had with 1 out of 8 of them was a Dry Joint on a power button which needed a giggle but I maintain that lan tech caused water damage for that.

    With anything as high performance as an Alienware or sports cars, aeroplanes they are prone to issues. We had a Red Lambo Gallardo with Black Trim for a Photoshoot booked for some website art work, it was 3 hours late due to mechanical issues, oh and it changed into an Orange and Black Murcialargo when no one was looking when it turned up as the red one would not start, this was a brand new quarter million dollar car which couldn't even leave the forecourt borrowed from a dealership. This is a common story really for things that are cutting edge so an amount of issues :(

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  • Oh to be crystal, I am not excusing nor absolving Dell of blame, some simple Quality Control could Solve Many of the issues people have, like I don't know maybe powering on the laptop with a demo hard drive in which runs a set test procedures, far fetched right ?

    They would turn the laptop on to test it works :P

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  • Just a little comment here, regardless of the type of garantee contracted, you would expect at least the tech helpdesks to try and help without complaining and take the client's side once.

    This has never ever happenned to me.

    So much for the name "HELP"desk

    treating people fair and showing respect is gentlemen's agreement, the law that protects consumers wouldn't exist if this was already the norm.

    I might add that the period of validity mentionned in the law also protects the companies from abuses, this works both ways.

    I guess we live in an unfair world. booohooohooo for Dell

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  • Oh, and I'd really hate to discover a new hinge problem on my M11x, I had a R1, repaired it twice, sent it back for an R3 that I love.

    all the frustration I had with the R1, I can't cope with it anymore, having the same issue on the R3 would really kill the last hopes I put in Alienware.

    fingers crossed...

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  • I'm having the same problem after about the same amount of time. The left hinge is creaking more and more, so I called Dell and guess what? They said hinge problems, potential or actual, aren't covered under the standard warranty. I asked to speak to the tech support person's manager and while being put on hold I got disconnected. I called back and got disconnected AGAIN. Maybe it was a fluke, but the timing seemed awfully convenient, and they didn't call me back despite saying they would if we got disconnected!

    What is the point of having a warranty that doesn't cover the thing most likely to fail? I'm extremely disappointed in Dell for this, and now I know I'll never buy a Dell product again. If I buy a $600 laptop I expect corners to be cut. If I buy a laptop that cost me nearly $1300, I expect it to work right, and to be fixed promptly when something fails. Shame on you, Dell.

  • I don't know about wherever your support is but I do the Asian Support had their ability to disconnect removed from them, I assume after many complaints so if you went through to them they def didn't cut you off.

    I don't know about the other guys tho.

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