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Alienware M18X 3D monitor

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Alienware M18X 3D monitor

  • Hello all,

    I've got a XPS 17" M1730 laptop with SLI Geforce 8800M. I've traveled with it a lot and I was always able to play all the games on MAX settings. Now it's 3 years since the purchase and It's time to look for a replacement.

    At first I tried to M17X R3 which is pretty much the same category as the M1730 but downgraded because for some wiked reason it doesn't have space for a second video card. Therefore no SLI which means a performance loss. 

    Then finally  the solution came a long. M18X with bigger screen and SLI. the first videocard options was pretty bad on this laptop: GTX 540M or ATI. but then NVidia saves the day with the release of the Geforce GTX 580M.

    So M18X is a top of the line laptop, awesome videocard, then why didn't I buy it yet. Well simple answer: no 3D display.

    A laptop this caliber MUST have 3D display. I'm not talking about 3D output to 3DTV. I'm talking about built in 3D display. Simply because I want a laptop to be mobile and to have all the recent features. Carrying a laptop with 2D display and a 3DTV to my travels it's out of the question.

    I would like to know when 3D display will be available for M18X and suggest this upgrade to be set as high priority. Also It would be great if the 3d transmitter for the glasses could be built in the laptop reducing external devices and keeping it as mobile as possible.


  • Have you posted this on IdeaStorm?

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  • I agree with you. I can't fathom the thought that they make a top-of-the-line laptop for gamers and don't include 3D display.