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Alienware M14x webcam firmware update failed. Webcam not working.

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Alienware M14x webcam firmware update failed. Webcam not working.

  • Thank you Chris. You are probably the best customer service DELL has.

    You said you will raise a ruckus, but till then I wont have a mic. I am gonna order a new screen anyway, since it's new. But if anything arises, I'd like my Laptop replaced. This is just not acceptable.

    Let me know and keep me updated please.

  • Why spend money (likely a lot) when you don't have to?

    Just work with Dell and get it fixed for free. Isn't this machine a new model? Do you think they have a lot of refurbished parts laying around already?

    Have you tried connecting an external mic (or headset) to use until the built-in one is working?

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  • Chris,


    I ordered a Screen on Friday, August 19th. It was a new screen since I was within the 21 days. I set up an appointment with a tech for Wednesday the 24th, unfortunately I got home 15 minutes late. So the technician left. He did not even callme before getting here. Anyway, he mentioned before setting the appointment that he had 5 days before the parts were to be returned.

    I called him back today Thursday and he said that he shipped the new screen back to Dell and that I had to call Dell one more time to set-up a new appointment. I just called, and now they will only send me a Refurbished Screen and not a New screen since i'm past the 21 days..

    This is incredible. 

    I'm about to send a huge letter, and report Dell to the BBB. How's your research going on the Mic problem?

    BTW, my Dispatch# <removed by admin>.

  • 8/26 Update - All of your service tags and troubleshooting has been forwarded to engineering. I plainly stated that the webcam was working or somewhat working before the Firmware Update was tried. Once the Firmware Update was installed, the webcam was non-functional with any application. I will update this post and thread when I get any response from them.

    I just private messaged all of you asking for your information. Please send me the responses as soon as you can.

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  • excuse me but where is the webcam driver for alienware m14x? the imaging device is gone in the control panel. so maybe if i could install the driver the imaging device would appear and i can use the webcam. but if i am wrong can tell me what is the problem for not having an imaging device in the control panel . is it because of a driver webcam is missing? if so where can i download it .

    ps i am also having trouble with my subwoofer it is broken everytime i adjust the bass in realtek audio manager nothing happens any help would be appreciated thank you .

  • New motherboard and heatsink assembly works like a dream, still no camera. Computer runs 10 degrees cooler and fans no longer go to high during light use. BIOS A05

  • Been checking up on this thread like everyday for the past month, any updates on this situation? I think this can easily be solved just if the hardware manufactuer just took off the inability to reinstall the same firmware update. That way we can just try reinstalling after an unsuccessful installation.

  • There is a new update on the firmware.  Try that.  Link is below

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  • One more thing, I was told that for the m14x webcam update to run, the user must first go into the Task manager and STOP the webcam process.  

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  • The webcam driver is not in the resource ipl try wat ur tepling me
  • Seems like the same one as the previous A01, but tried it anyway since it had a recent date on it. I still got a message saying "The device does not require a firnware update!!". If only there was a "continue anyway" button. :(

  • thanks for that input Lyrah.  

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  • Ian...., if you have not tried this already, contact Dell support and especifically ask for the driver to see if they can provide it.    If not, ask them who the webcam manufacturer is and go through their website.  More than likely, the manufacturer would have the driver.    Good luck.

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  • All,

    Thanks for your patience. I am re-escalating this with your information and also the information from the NBR forum.

    Of the five users on this thread with the issue (lyrah101, ds5384, ianmarvinchua, Atamisk, montoyacesar) , is it true to say that all have tried to run the Firmware and all are getting the same message, "The device does not require a firmware update" ?

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  • Correct.