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[m14x]I cannot update the driver for Nvidia GT555M

  • I'm using the graphic card GT555m with driver version 267.21. I just download the latest nvidia driver 270.61 from their website, but I cannot install it on my m14x, it says cannot find the compatible hardware. how can I fix this?

  • I just bought an M14X myself and was looking into the driver updates. It looks like the specialized card used for ALL alienware laptops are designed to be integrated with Dell systems to the point that you cannot install drivers from Nvidia directly at this time. There may be ways of getting updated drivers installed (which I will not mention here), but I imagine that with the new design of the M14X the development of specialized drivers haven't been completely implemented yet.

    Unfortunately at this time, I think you have to stay with the current drivers until Dell gets around to releasing updated drivers (which I know they will have to do and may even be in the Windows Updates function.)

  • but there is a way out by changing the content of the inf files in the downloaded driver folder..