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Alienware M14X BIOS Graphics Switch Option.

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Alienware M14X BIOS Graphics Switch Option.

  • Right now i really like the M14X unit it's a nice piece of equipement.


    Unfortunately, i would like to use linux, but i can't because NVIDIA won't support optimus on laptops.


    I noticed on the M11X theres the option to use an integrated or a dedicated card.


    Do you think this option will be available on the M14X via bios update?

    So i can use the Intel or the Nvidia card like i want.

    Not being switched automatically.



  • Greetings MadmanTM,

         Optimus will continue to be an automatic technology.  This was done to avoid the issues laptops were experiencing while manually switching (and also for convenience). 



  • This is sad for us linux users.


    Thanks again for the quick reply.


  • I still believe that this option should be available.


  • is there a way to propose this bios modification to the engineer team at alienware?


  • This link actually shows that Lenovo has given the option to their users. 

    Could you please send this to DELL Support?





  • Hello, i would like to know if it's possible to contact an Alienware or Dell engineer who works on the M14X Alienware laptop.


    Has you may know, the laptop is using the Nvidia Optimus technology and right now, the users of the laptop can't decide in

    the bios which graphic card option they want to use.


    Screenshot of my issue.



    Uploaded with



    The Lenovo W510, W520 currently support the following functions in BIOS


    Use the Dedicated Card Only

    Use the Integrated Card Only

    Use the Nvidia Optimus Switching.


    Has you may have noticed Linux doesn't have full support for Optimus Technology so a switching option would be delightful 

    for your linux userbase.


    Right now, i have to unplug my ac adapter, then boot inside linux to get a fully functionnal ubuntu desktop. This would permit

    me to use the Nvidia dedicated graphics adapter in linux. 


    Could you please forward this request to an engineer or someone who might take this request seriously.





    Reference to the Lenovo support in BIOS

  • MadmanTM,

    I sent this to engineering. But, my gut says they will not add the option to the bios.

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  • Thanks for your help.

    It would be a good thing in my opinion to let the user choose since right now, the m14x is experiencing some issues with the optimus switching. You can see the threads on


  • I received a good email from Poonam G



    Thank you for your email. I did check the forum thread that you sent and understood the issue that you are facing. We are in process of writing a Bios update to address the issue. When available online, we will notify users on the DCF (Dell Community Forum).

    Please reply to this email if you need any further assistance and I would be more than glad to assist you.



    Thank you,


    Poonam G

    Can't wait to try that out.


  • Poonam and I must have confused each other. Poonam is not referring to the Bios option madman is discussing. He is referring to the M14x GPU issue, "M14x Shuts Down On Battery on High Settings".

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  • Okay, well i have sent an email to Poonam, in the hopes of clarifying the situation.


    I sure hope i wasn't getting my hopes up for nothing :(

  • Chris, has this been sorted out with Poonam?


  • It's sad to see that it's not really important for dell to fix issues reported by it's user-base.


    1. Problems with automatic switching in windows and linux.

    2. Problems with battery gaming, the unit will shut down

    3. Very loud fan noise.


    No build quality anymore?


  • The A03 BIOS doesn't fix this issue and i still can't choose the graphics card in the BIOS.


    Good job alienware.