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Alienware R3 BIOS Beep - Please help

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Alienware R3 BIOS Beep - Please help

  • I received my R3 a few days ago and am wondering something about the BIOS POST.  

    I get one beep towards the end of the bios check (blue line), it then goes into booting Windows 7. Is this normal ? 

    Also, I am having hard freezes at random times while using the PC. It completely locks up, no BSOD.  Only way to to reboot it is to hold the power down till it shuts off.

    The manual says one beep is "Possible motherboard failure — BIOS ROM checksum failure" If thats the case, wouldn't it NOT boot into windows ?

    I'd appreciate some help, thanks.



  • Mine beep also at the end of POST, no issue there.

    For the lockup, are you running an SLI/CF on the graphics? Is the lockup random or only when playing games? You can always hit F12 on boot and choose utility partition, from there you can run some diagnostics on the system.

    If you are running SLI, make sure the PCI-E power cable are crossed so that the 6 PIN and 8 PIN into one card are from 2 different cable out pf the PSU.

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  • Your problem is not the bleeping noise so your title is misleading.The bleeping noise is normal.

    The real problem is the random freezes that you are experiencing which need a hard boot. This actually seems like a problem that has been reported a few times. Go look @ the R3 review on the dell site, someone else has the exact same problem as us. I've seen some other posts about this too.

    The freezes happen very randomly. One time, I double clicked "My Computer" on desktop and it just suddenly froze. No BSOD or anything. I can't open task manager. All I can do is a hard reboot.

    I haven't overclocked. My i7 2600 runs at stock speeds. I also have 6870's crossfire with 16gb ram and standard 1tb hdd. (875 W)

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  • Thanks for both reponses.

     I ran both the memory test (passed) and the Quick Self Diagnosis which also passed. So I thought, maybe it isn't hardware related, so maybe the OS install is messed up. So I dediced to re-install the OS from scratch. Can you guess what happened? Yes, it hard froze during a windows update after sucessfully installing the OS, totally borking the OS, therefore I am now on my second attempt to install Win7.

    The real strange thing, its been hard freezing on the hour today. It hard froze 2,3,4 & 5pm .. What wierdness.

    Since it hard froze during a fresh install, I am thinking it could be a hardware problem now ... I mean what else could it be? The only thing installed was the OS and I had Windows Update going . Only keyboard and mouse on the USB ports.

    Its also random for me, In Chrome, Playing GTAIV, CPU idle with me in the other room ... The only pattern is happening on the hour ...

    I will update this post later, its almost 6pm, I don't want to lose what I've posted .. Oy vey.

  • When you say you did a fresh install from scratch, was that with the Alienware respawn disks i.e. it's installing all the Alienware software as well?

    If so, use a clean Window 7 install disk, don't install any of the Alienware software, you really don't need it. Install the latest from the manufacturers websites where possible, i.e. Nvidia/ATI (GPU, chipset), Realtek (network, sound), Creative Labs (sound), Intel (chipset) etc..., not from Dell. Leave the GPU drivers till last (someone else had on these forums had serious compatibility issues with the Realtek network card and Nvidia graphics card drivers, needed to have the network card installed, then the GPUs).

    See if the PC is stable with the above. Then start adding any Alienware control software you want on.

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  • Boober

    So I dediced to re-install the OS from scratch. Can you guess what happened? Yes, it hard froze during a windows update after sucessfully installing the OS, totally borking the OS, therefore I am now on my second attempt to install Win7.

    I suggest you try the rebuild like this:

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