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Alienware m15x problems

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Alienware m15x problems

  • hi,

    i bought alienware yesterday and today when i ran diagnostic test got 0322 error code

    Installation of games takes 30 mins while my pc (Q9550 with 4gb DDR3 ram) takes only 5 mins

    Games run very slow hangs a lot..

    Battery backup time is 2 hours

    Alienware Config:

    i7 740QM


    8GB DDR3 1333MHz

    500 GB HDD

    9Cell Battery

    Overall performance is very poor for this new laptop.. really dissappointed.. hope it might be small setting problem.. looking any dell personal to help me out

    I more decent way to explain my situation.. as u deleted my previous post.

  • I'm not a Dell employee however, the symptoms you are experiencing seem very much like those I had with my M17x. It turned out I had a faulty CPU.

    May I suggest you run a Windows Experience Index scan and see what your CPU subscore is. For your processor it should be at least 7,2. When mine was faulty it gave 4,6.

  •  i got 7.1


    the performance is getting really worse.. hope any dell employee can help me with replacement of laptop as its brand new.. got jsut 2 days b4..

  • 7,1 is not bad. Certainly not the cause of your problems in any event. It may be down to faulty memory but I'm just making wild guesses.

    You are wasting time posting here. You need to telephone Dell's technical support so that a case can be opened. A Dell technician will work with you by phone in order to identify the cause of the problem. They have the power to solve the issue or replace the machine. Nobody on this forum can do that.

  • called dell and support executive wants to reinstall the graphic card driver.. but i am looking for replacement.. as its brand new and it shud not happen in new system!! its painful see my laptop (Dream laptop) like this!! :-(

  • Well good luck! I went through all of this for 7 weeks before I could finally use my new laptop. I also demanded a replacement but they were not even prepared to discuss it. It seems their standard is "We supply the machines and if they don't work, YOU have to repare them under our guidance."