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Alienware M17x laptop hardware beeping noise

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Alienware M17x laptop hardware beeping noise

  • My laptop is 3 1/2 months old and I have already had a dell technician come out, having to replace the video card and send my laptop back to Dell. Everything is fine, except there is a constant (sometimes for like 5 minutes it will stop then start up again), high-pitched beeping/buzzing coming from the hardware (possibly hard drive). I don’t remember my laptop making any noises before it broke, it ran completely quite. But I have already sent the laptop into Dell to fix this beeping noise and it’s still making the noise. Does anyone else have an Alienware M17x that makes a high-pitched beeping/buzzing noise, or is it just mine?




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  • I regret to inform you it's just yours. :(

  • does it do this once power is pressed? if so try this to determine the possibility if it is the hard drive as i had a few drives do this  its simple  to remove the drive anyway hopefully you only have one drive if not just 4 extra screws ..

    1.  power machine off and remove power

    2. remove battery

    3. remove big center plate that has 2 scrws that are behind the battery

    4. 2 hdd cages .. hdd0 and hdd1 remove 4 screws holding HDD0 (primary)  slide drive back and remove

    5. back panel can stay off for the moment

    6. reinsert battery.

    7 plug power back in .

    it should error out on post since no hdd is found but see if this removes the sound your hearing now this is done at your own risk and if your not comfortable doing it  i advise you dont  this is a simple way to diagnose if this is issue .. if it isnt its possibly the fans but havent herd that since my M1530 almost 3 years ago

    Goodluck if you choose to try this

    reinstallation  of hdd is same procedure  just inserting 4 screws instead of removing ..

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  • I believe it is the hard drive because when I first experienced the problem, a Dell technique came out and took my entire laptop apart and he said it seems to only make the noise when the hard drive is connected. My computer is still under warranty; I can always call them back up.

  • Yes I have this same issue, I don't think it is the harddrives though as mine doesn't come from that area, (and yes I actually held the laptop to my ear and figured out where the noise was coming from) mine comes out of the (when looking at the bottom) right fan vent it does this for about an hour after start up then stops, it drives me bonkers.  still haven't gotten a fix for it.

  • Oh my beeping is constant. All I know is that I never had it beeping until after it broke the first time.

  • Hey, I got the basic 1 year warranty with my computer and it’s still under it. Do you know if the warranty says that if they can’t fix my computer they will send me a new one? I believe I read that, I just want to be sure.

  • GreenBerets,

    Dell Policy Concerning Exchanges -
    If the exchange is setup inside the first 21 days from the invoice date, the replacement will be New.

    If the exchange is setup ouside of the first 21 days from the invoice date, the replacement will be Refurbished/Used.

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  • Thanks Chris,

    I guess a used one is better than a broken one. They replaced my hard drive and it’s still making the noise, and now the Alienware lights decided to go out and are not coming back on.