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Alienware Respawn boot CD

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Alienware Respawn boot CD

  • My laptop is Alienware M17x R2

    When i bought this laptop, i only have 2 disc. 1 is intall window 7 and another one is resource DVD driver .

    Then i reinstall win 7 about 1 weeks ago, then some drivers may not work property. I did download driver from support of dell but it isn't work.

    And now i want to buy Alienware Respawn boot CD for Alienware M17x R2 , but i dont know how to buy or where could i buy that ! Or could you please tell me the website to download and i will burn it to DVD then i can respawn my laptop to Original Factory !

    Thanks !

  • Issue: The Alienware Respawn Boot CD and Image DVD never shipped with the system.
    Discussion: We cannot send them out. These discs cannot be made after the PC has shipped. If the PC shipped without them, you have to manually install the operating system, drivers, and all other Dell/Alienware software. You can try this but it is not supported by Dell.

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  • Cuz i have 1 year next day in-home service and support . So if i call the Alienware support, can they do the respawn for me ?

  • Nope.

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  • what if we shipped the laptop back , could they then restore the computer back to the original factory settings?

  • I have the same issue with my M14x.

  • In theory, yes. But I wouldn't know how to set that up. Call (1-800-254-3692) and ask.

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  • if dell could do 1 of 2 options.

    1. always include a dvd for the factory reset

    2. if you are relying on the customer to do it when they get it, put a blank dvd and a large note saying doing this 1st.

    i'm no dell employee but if i can think of this, maybe i should be.

    it's called customer service and i'm really a network guy who likes to things the smart way.

  • most systems dont come with windows cd or even recovery cd of anykind anymore .. this isnt Dell Specific but  my acer i bought  recently didnt have anything cept info on how to do a recovery media on first post is best  ...   my wifes17R came with a driver cd .. no windows .. reason for this is most companies put a recovery partition on the hard drive and thing its better. sure its 15 minutes to redo but wait my hard drive failed.. what do i do now? ... i ordered the recovery cd's after purchase for my acer laptop from acer .. was 30 somehting bucks with shipping...  why..... cause i wanted to install a solid state  and this way i got a CLEAN windows 7 cd i can use not a downloaded prolly virus enable one form the net ..

    and as for the OP .. the resource cd should be thrown as far as you can .. using the command center off that can brick your lighting control board rendering the lighting  inoperational .. specially if you got a newer command center installed its much a guarantee to brick it .. and is well documented on this forums ... anyway goodluck

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  • i know this is an old post but I need a Respawn Boot  CD too  Respond & I'll tell you how to reprint one

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  • My Aurora R4 shipped without those cd's too... Alien respawn and factory image. Is there any way to download this software from Dell? The alien respawn I mean.

  • I wiped my system so i would be able to Raid my SSDs, and now since i have no respawn CD the system just seems to run like  <ADMIN NOTE: Profane word removed as per TOU policy> can i buy a repawn cd for my computer specs?

  • I found this and it works great. Not sure if it is the exact same as what shipped, but worked like a charm on my M14x

  • after i downloaded it..i cannot install error pops-up saying.. that there is no back-up copy of the factory image on the hard drive..what should i do??


  • Hello  jonnytapia21,

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