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m11x hinge issues?

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m11x hinge issues?

  • So. I have a replacement monitor getting installed tomorrow because my left hinge completely cracked open. I've done a bit of looking up, and it seems like I'm not the only one with this problem. Should I be worried? I do hope that it's a fluke, and not faulty hinges for the entire line. Can anyone either reassure me the stability of the hinges, or else tell me any problems they have had with the hinges? Thanks!

  • I have only setup two hinge replacements.

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  • http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware-m11x/493140-m11x-hinge-discussion-r1-r2.html

    This topic is showing that it's getting to be a bit commonplace. Many of the techs I have spoken to over the phone, as well as the one who tried to fix my hinges, mentioned the design on said hinges is kinda faulty.

  • Rather than starting a new thread, I'm gonna necro this one with a relevant link - http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware-m11x/502633-fixing-m11x-weak-hinge-creaking-cracking-problem-screen-opened.html

    This is the hinge error I was talking about. It is a problem. I'm not the only one who is getting it, and I do so wish Dell/Alienware would acknowledge it. We're not buying bargain bin computers after all.

  • I recently saw something like this on a nice dual-core consumer class HP laptop. HP did a recall on them.

    By the time it got to me there was a lot of damage. It needed 2 new hinges, the outer display cover was cracked, and both the display bezel and bottom chassis needed replacement (because the screw keepers came out of both).

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  • Well, there are some hypothesises why this issue exists. Pretty much the main thing people are thinking is that the screws within the hinge are tightened way too much and that through this action, the plastic starts to deteriorate. If it deteriorates enough, then, well, your hinge will become either out of balance or fully crack.


    That right there is a picture of what has happened to my hinge. I'm getting a replacement machine due to errors in trying to replace it, yet the point remains that I should not have had that problem in the first place, less than three months after receiving my machine.

    My onsite technician, as well as another couple that other m11x users have dealt with, all agree that there is something faulty with the hinge design. So far Dell/Alienware has remained silent or denied the issue. I would like to know that there is something being done to prevent the hinge on my replacement from doing this same exact thing.

    The following are going to be some quotes relating to the issue, from other users, to go and show I am not alone on this one.

    "I see in average two new cases per day about broken hinges around the internet since I started to pay attention to this issue. Even if it was a relatively small sample of produced units from the whole universe (an information that we even don't know given the inappropriate silence from dell), it is becoming every day more evident that at least a group of M11x left (or is leaving... again, we don't know because of the silence from dell) the production line with faulty hinges."..."I can't believe after many reports that this is an issue caused by misuse from the part of the consumer."

    "In short, the plastic that held the screws in place gave away and broke. If Dell only made the support a little more thicker, this wouldn't have been a problem at all."

    "The issues range from keyboard imprint on the screen (mild) to scratches on the screen (medium) to hinges completely falling apart requiring a full replacement (severe)."


    This should not be happening. We're paying top dollar for a higher-end machine, and this machine should work. Even if this only affects a small portion of the m11x users, it's still affecting enough of us to make me fear that the hinge on my replacement is going to give out as well.

    Is anything going to be done to solve this issue besides just sending out new LCD panels if it happens? That will work alright when you have warranty, yet when it expires and you can no longer resort to that, assuming this issue is in existence, you'll have to resort to an amateur fix. We shouldn't have to be "fixing" anything right now. I'm just looking for answers, clarification that this problem will not happen again.

  • i'm waiting on a repair for my hinge issue. the crack has developed far enough that dust is getting inside between the lcd and screen cover. how was your customer service rep? the one i talked to first said the hinge is not covered under warranty, when i pressed him on it, he transferred me to another rep. the second rep said an onsite tech would call me back in three days, even though out warranty clearly states "next day onsite service". were your repairs trouble free?

  • First thing first - the hinge issue, if it is cracked, IS covered under warranty. Anything he told you to the contrary is false. And the techs should call within the day, especially for something like this, which is unfortunately getting more and more common.

    And my repairs, unfortunately, were not trouble free. When I got in touch with them, they WERE professional and functional about it. The tech got back to me the same day. We scheduled a meeting...only to find out the first screen I received looked like someone rubbed steel wool against it. I refused it.

    Second time, the tech got out here, July 5th. Took it half apart and told me that if he were to take it fully apart for the repair, that it would end up breaking something attached to the MOTHERBOARD. He left, my hinge still in disrepair. We had no choice.

    So it took a while, but someone sent out the replacement parts I needed. And lo and behold, that little plastic protective film that was supposed to be there to protect the screen? Nonexistent. Aaaaand, scratches on this screen too.

    After this, the case was escalated to the point where I am to get a replacement machine. The first replacement was canceled because - get this - they are no longer, as the person assigned to my case told me, allowing the customizable nameplates. Whether that is for all orders or replacements I do not know. It was supposed to be here last Wednesday, but that one was canceled. The new one - with a stock nameplate - was supposed to be here Tuesday, yet was delayed, and should be here today. It's in my state.

  • okay the tech just stopped by and replaced the screen, broken hinge and all. i got a quick look at the damage and it looks like both mounts where the hinge meets the lcd chassis broke, the plastic looked shredded. the tech brought over a new screen so i didn't get a second hand replacement. but get this, i got a silver replacement lcd instead of the black that should go with my black alienware. two-tone is not half bad.

  • What you have seems to fit in with what the common error seems to be - the screws tightened too tight so that it just fully demolishes the plastic. They seem to be sloppy about sending out replacements too - with me, two scratched screens, and for you, one that does not match your computer. This seems a little sloppy to me.

    EDIT: http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware-m11x/504854-posting-my-alienware-yes-i-have-hinge-aids.html

    You see that? That's yet another new Alienware customer who may well have a faulty machine out of the box.

  • Mahare
    fter this, the case was escalated to the point where I am to get a replacement machine. The first replacement was canceled because - get this - they are no longer, as the person assigned to my case told me, allowing the customizable nameplates. Whether that is for all orders or replacements I do not know. It was supposed to be here last Wednesday, but that one was canceled. The new one - with a stock nameplate - was supposed to be here Tuesday, yet was delayed, and should be here today


    the replacement for my M15X had no customized nameplate as well....after I told them several times to put it on !!! What I did was I unscrewed both the nameplates...and replaced each other !!! So,now my latest M15X has the nameplate of the older one and it has my name on it ..... hopefully, you can do that as well.

  • That's what I did do. But to cancel an order for that one small thing is absolutely ludicrous.

  • My husband has that " nice dual-core consumer class HP laptop" and the hinges both completely cracked AFTER the recall time period was over and so he could not get them replaced and he is now stuck with a laptop which can never be closed and so cannot ever be actually taken anywhere.  He paid a rather large sum for the laptop but HP says they can't help him.  He was never informed of this "recall".

    I'd been a big HP fan until then.  Bought 2 HP desktops and 2 HP laptops.  Not sure if I would ever buy another laptop from them.

    I must be crazy because I just bought the M11x-R2 with hinge problems.

  • If anyone higher up is reading this topic, you have lost sales because of this hinge issue and how no news is being said about fixing it. Peoples hinges are starting to break left, right and center. The topic on notebookreview about the hinge problem variations is up to forty-six pages, and we have had radio silence about whether or not this issue has been fixed, or if it is acknowledged at all.

  • Ye man, I've recently had this problem with my M11x I've been searchign around the net for people with the same problem looks like im not alone. Got a few questions. On my M11x when open the left hinge is now causing the bottom left side of the screen to bluge out, and when open and set in place the monitor now will sway between two points back and forth loosely. Have you had any problems like this? I'm worried the screen will end up comming off completly especially considering the amount of money i payed for this machine. Sad