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{moved}Alienware Aurora recovery problem

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{moved}Alienware Aurora recovery problem

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Hi. Today i decided to do a fresh start on my Alienware Aurora to fix a few annoying problems i had. I thought i could then go back to the factory setup with the recovery partition. I been reading on the forums that in order to access the recovery, i had to press control + f11 at the boot screen. I been trying that for the past half-hour and the control+f11 keys simply do nothing. I have no idea how to access the recovery partition. Any suggestions?

P.S. i have Windows 7 64bit.

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  • Hi

    Tap F8 for Vista and Win 7 just after the main bios screen to get to the factory restore ctrl +F11 is for XP. !

    Good Luck



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  • CTRL-F11 is for old XP systems.   Vista and Windows 7 are totally different - recovery is F8.   And Alienware is different still, because it may have the "AlienRespawn" option.

    Fortunately, your manual is pretty detailed.  If you can't find the manual on your hard drive, download it below.    Page 60 has all the recovery options:

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


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  • Unfortunately, F8 doesnt seem to do anything either :(

  • If you have Alien Respawn, according to the manual it's F10.

    If you still have trouble, the Alienware forum is a better place to post - whole other animal you got there from the "regular" systems.



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  • I just did a factory restore on my Aurora and it is indeed F8. Keep tapping f8 and then hit system restore/repair cant remember what it says. It should be the first one on the list. You'll then be taken to a keyboard/Language page. After that click the bottom option which should be Dell Data safe. Worked like a charm for me.

  • Yoda speaks the truth, it was a breeze using F8 and then selecting the first item on the list. Thank you little green guy!