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Aurora -- Force IDE Mode?

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Aurora -- Force IDE Mode?

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I have an Aurora to which I've added an OCZ Vertex SSD and reconfigured the system so that it is the boot drive.

OCZ has released new firmware, but to flash the drive, you have to put it in IDE mode.  In AHCI, the drive will not be recognized.

Problem is...I cannot find an IDE mode option in the Aurora BIOS (A04).  The only options are AHCI and RAID.  Neither of which allow the device to be seen by the OCZ flash software.

Is there a way to force IDE mode in the BIOS that I am just missing?

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  • When you access the bios and select the drive, is there an option for AHCI or Compatable?  I think if you hit compatable it is 'like' IDE mode, although i'm not sure why OCZ would need that if its a SATA configured drive since IDE is just a different cable and speed format.. Most newer motherboards do not have IDE slots anymore so technically there would be no reason to have an IDE mode......

  • When you select the drive, the only options are to enable or disable it.

    AHCI and IDE are different command sets.  AHCI is specific to the SATA standard, but any SATA drive can also "downgrade" to use IDE commands.  OCZ has chosen to use the IDE command set to flash their drives in order to ensure maximum stability during the flashing process, but the irony is that it doesn't look like the Aurora BIOS permits you to force the mode.

  • I know the XPS 730x and the Area 51 does not have the IDE mode. You need to put the drive in another computer,do the firmware update and then put in back into the Alienware. I hade to do the same thing...twice.


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  • If you change the controller mode you will lose access to the current drive and will have to reload the OS. Changing the control mode should only be done upon installation of a OS

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  • Only if you attempt to boot into Windows, do you lose access to the drive (and only then if you do not make a registry change to cause Windows to switch from AHCI to IDE drivers)

    The firmware in this case is a bootable Linux CD, so it doesn't matter if you switch from AHCI to IDE. appears you can' the other poster confirmed my suspicion.  I will need to pull the drive tomorrow and put it in my Dell laptop to update the firmware.