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TactX Keyboard and Mouse

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When can I get detailed instructions on how to set-up the TactX Keyboard and Mouse?

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  • To configure Alienware TactX keyboard/Mouse customization options, install the included software from the Alienware Drivers and Utilities CD
    - Alienware TactX keyboard/Mouse CI (Control Interface) allows you to setup, customize, and save macros
    - AlienFX software allows you to customize the color of the keyboard/Mouse back light

  • "Alienware TactX keyboard/Mouse CI (Control Interface) allows you to setup, customize, and save macros"

    How do you access the CI please? I know I installed the software when I first got the mouse and it does appear in the AlienFX options but I can't find where I launch the mouse profiles CI.

  • On the screen I see, the first page of the Mouse CI has Profile Manager on the left? But is does state how to start the application. I assume you looked in Start- All Programs and the control panel?

  • I cannot find the mouse CI Chris. It is not in the Control Panel. I did open the Mouse option but that has nothing to do with my TactX mouse.

  • I think you should ask the guys on the Alienware Desktop Review Forum. Hopefully, they can chime in with an answer.

  • I'm totally embarrassed and ask that you excuse me for wasting your time.

    I discovered it helps enormously if you install the software that came with the mouse!

    Actually, I remember when I unboxed the mouse I thought that the CD must contain the driver which I would only use if Windows didn't automatically recognize the peripheral. Foolish me!!

  • That's funny. It happens to all of us.

  • I have a couple of new problems since installing the CI Chris. Maybe you can assist me with them seeing as you have this mouse also. First off I cannot find a user manual anywhere for it. I don't have a clue how to setup profiles or activate them. The software itself links to a couple of help pages but neither cover use of the software. Do you know where I can download one because there doesn't seem to be one on Dell's site?

    The other problem is that prior to installing the software the mouse wheel would let me open any link in a new tab if I just pressed on it. Now it doesn't do that anymore. Any idea how I can get that functionality back again please?

  • I do not have the mouse here. I was just using the internal training documentation. The CD should have the manual? I do not see an online manual.

  • The CD has a manual of sorts but it is worthless. It tells you how many buttons there are on the mouse (just in case you could not see them with our own eyes) and it tells you how to switch profiles and AlienFX colors. It gives no info on how to setup the mouse using the supplied software.

    I think the only solution I'm left with is to locate the Logitech G9 user manual. If I can't find that then I will restore my system to prior the installation of the TactX software.

  • You setup profiles in the mouse CI, then to change them you hold down the "profile" button on the bottom of the mouse and push the + - buttons... You have to be holding down the profile button while you press the buttons.

  • It's the setting up of profiles and macros I need help with. I did manage to get a copy of the G9 manual which is infinitely better than the one that came with my TactX but other than telling you that you can setup your own profiles and macros it doesn't tell you how.

    Of course I can see that it's basically a question of mapping functions from the right to the buttons on the left. My problem is that the ones on the right do not meet my requirements. For example, there's no space bar option and although I can pair Alt+Shift together I cannot set Alt+Shift+M as a command.

    Also, as a Firefox user, I enjoy being able to press the mouse wheel to open a link in a new tab but if I assign any new functions to my mouse using the Alienware CI that functionality is instantly lost. I would like to get it back again but as far as I can see from the CI, there is no such option.

  • Hello. I recently bought an Alienware TactX mouse however, I do not have to manual or cd. I've downloaded the driver from dell's website but the only thing I can do is change the color. I wish to use the side keys for a game but they are set to control + scroll or just scroll.  I want to be able to change the key bindings for the side keys. Please help me, Thanks

  • I want to be able to change the key bindings for the side keys

  • www.dell.com/.../alienware-x51