Recovery Partition Question After Clean Install

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Recovery Partition Question After Clean Install

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After receiving my Area-51 I clean installed Win 7 Ultimate x64.  I was careful to preserve the original Recovery Partition the machine delivered with but since the DataSafe Local application was wiped out during the clean install, there's now no way to access the Recovery partition.

Does anyone know whether I'd still be able to access the Recovery Partition and do a restore to the factory delivered condition if I was able to download and reinstall DataSafe Local? 

DataSafe Local is nowhere to be found in the Dell Support area so I'm not able to try this.  Any idea where to get DataSafe Local?


ATI 5870 (single)

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  • * Login to the Dell DataSafe Online portal
    * You will have the option to download the DataSafe Online program and reinstall it as needed. Please note that Dell DataSafe Online does not support concurrent use on multiple machines. It is intended to backup only one PC per account

  • Nice system Yes

    I don't know if this is the answer you require but ...

    Here is Dell's page for DataSafe including a download link, and sign in link for current users.

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  • Thanks, guys, for the info.  However, I believe you misunderstand what I have said in my post.  There are two DataSafe applications... DataSafe Online (which you've both referred to) and DataSafe Local.  DataSafe Local comes pre-installed on the Area-51/Aurora series PCs and is setup to use the separate 9GB RECOVERY partition to affect a complete machine restore to the delivered factory condition.  I don't believe the DataSafe Online application is used for this purpose as it only facilitates backing up data in the cloud.

    That said, when I blew out my machine to clean install Win 7 Ultimate x64 I made the mistake of assuming the DataSafe Local application would be available to then reinstall and restore the ability to access the separate RECOVERY partition.  Alas, this doesn't appear to be true.  The DataSafe Local application is nowhere to be found on the Resource disc nor at Dell Support.  There is, however, a DataSafe Local Patch available for download but you need the DataSafe Local application to be installed for the patch to work.  I purposely kept the 9GB RECOVERY partition intact during the clean install to hopefully preserve the ability to restore the box to it's delivered configuration.  But, since I can't find the DataSafe Local application anywhere it doesn't appear I can do this.

    So, the question is... is there any way to get hold of the DataSafe Local (not DataSafe Online) application and then restore the capability to make use of the RECOVERY partition?  If this can't be done then I'll simply delete the partition and add it back to the existing C: Drive.



    ATI 5870 (single)

  • *bump*

    Requesting Chris have another look at my issue in light of misunderstanding my initial post. 

    2 things:
     - Looking for DataSafe Local application to download (not DataSafe Online) - DataSafe Local came preinstalled on my Area-51.
     - Would like to know if I can reinstall DataSafe Local and then have the ability to restore to the  factory delivered configuration using the original Recovery Partition?




    ATI 5870 (single)

  • I sent an email off and am awaiting a reply. What happens when you install this? It says it is a Patch/Upgrade so I am wondering if it needs something else to load. Also, have you browsed the Resource DVD for the DataSafe Local software?

  • Chris - I appreciate you taking the time to answer.  Yes, I tried the patch but it looks for DataSafe Local and then fails since the App isn't loaded.  I also browsed the Resource CD and it is not there.  I look forward to hearing back from you when they answer your email!

    Thanks again!


    ATI 5870 (single)

  • Chris,if I may....

    Hi DMiannay.

    If I understand correctly, you reinstalled W7 or your Alien came with Vista and then you installed W7? I do not know if this works for W7, but you might try.

    You are looking for DataSafe Local.

    If you log in your DeLL account, DeLL main page top right hand, you have a link call "My Softwares" where you can download all softwares apps that came with your PC.

    Or you can try here.

    Hope this helps.


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  • iroc9555,

    I am not sure if the DataSafe Local is on the My Dell Downloads. It would be great if it is. I just found out tonite that we do not have a way to reinstall the current version. Later versions of DataSafe Local will have installers web posted.

  • DELL-Chris M

    ... Later versions of DataSafe Local will have installers web posted.

    That's encouraging... maybe this issue will have a successful ending sometime, hopefully soon.  Any idea when the installers of the next version will be available on the web?

    The other obvious issue is... even if I find a loadable version of DataSafe Local there's no guarantee it'll recognize a previously created Recovery partition.  It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

    Thanks again for the follow-up, Chris.


    ATI 5870 (single)

  • They did not give me an ETA.

  • Hi. I ran into the same issues, and was finally able to recover the factory stuff. I'll give you the info assuming you know how to do the stuff, othwerwise it would be a very long post. If you still have the RECOVERY partition:

    - assign it a drive letter;

    - copy the dell folder to an external drive

    - make a WinPE boot disk with the imagex.exe file

    - boot from the WinPE boot disk, go in diskpart and list the volume to see which drive letter is the partition where you have your current Win7 installation

    - run imagex to image that partition with the factory.wim from the dell folder on your external drive

    - once done, try rebooting, although it probably will fail. boot from any Win7 installation media, select the repair option. In command prompt, enter "bootrec /repairbcd"

    - reboot, it will probably fail again, boot from any Win7 installation media, go in repair, and let it do "repair startup". It should see that bootmgr is missing and repair it.

    - reboot

    That is what I have done and it worked fine. Took me a long time to figure this all out. Steps should be the same for you, but you might need some tweaking as well.

  • No, Dell DataSafe Local Backup is not available via "My Dell Downloads", I just tried.

  • The first thing I did when I got my Aurora was uninstall the crapware I didn't want. Just so happened the DataSafe Local was one of those. How was I supposed to know it was the only way to utilize the restore partition. There is no documentation that indicated the importance of this software that I could find.

    So, anyway I had to reinstall Win7 and come to find out the resource disk does not have DataSafe Local and I can't download it from Dell. So just what am I supposed to do?

  • I just about did the same thing.  If I hadn't stumbled across this thread I would have nuked DataSafe Local myself.  With better understanding I fired it up and sure enough there was the option to create a backup of the recovery partition on the Aurora.  So I did it.  Now I have a nice, single DVD backup of the recovery partition of the computer.

    But, I am now wondering what happens if I lose my primary drive.  What tool do I use to load my newly created recovery DVD?  I presume that it is not self installing.  So, even though I still have DataSafe I'm afraid I won't be in any better position if my primary HDD fails.  DataSafe Local will be gone and what do I do then?

  • rubberchips

    So, anyway I had to reinstall Win7 and come to find out the resource disk does not have DataSafe Local and I can't download it from Dell. So just what am I supposed to do?

    Having started this thread I believe the solution is simple.  Dell should make DataSafe Local available for download for those who perform a clean install and still want to preserve the ability to restore the PC to the factory configuration.  I'm not sure I understand why this wasn't made possible by including the software on the Resource CD.  My fear is that "reconnecting" a clean install of DataSafe Local to the original Recovery Partition may not be possible. 

    Anyway, I hope Chris is following this and still looking for an answer from Dell Engineering.


    ATI 5870 (single)