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{MOVED}Alienware M17X Graphics card upgrade

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{MOVED}Alienware M17X Graphics card upgrade

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I recently received my 17X as a replacement for my malfunctioning XPS m1730. According to the build sheet it was supposed to have a GTX 260M graphics card. When I checked the system the graphics card was listed as a 9400 GT. Can the graphics card be updated on this laptop, or should I just leave it as is?

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  • It probably is a separate card, but the cost is likely to be steep as it is no doubt proprietary.  There are also ATI options now - and given nVidia's recent track record, if you're going to ask for a replaecment, I'd go that route.


  • Have you turned your SLI on?

  • Sorry for coming to this party a little late, but the m17x has two different video cards - the 9400 onboard card for when it's running off the battery (in "stealth mode" I believe is what they call it) and the discrete cards - in your case, the 260s.  I have a very similar configuration and was a bit confused when I saw this as well.

    Try plugging in the laptop, rebooting, and checking to see what cards show up.  If the discrete cards do not show up, contact Dell - there may be a hardware issue that they are not aware of.

  • I have exactly the same problem - I bought the M17x with an SLI 1GB GTX 260M graphics card but the system spec only shows GeForce 9400 and the graphics are poor.   Is there a known way to "Switch on" the SLI card?

    Many thanks for any help you can give