Marketing Automation


Marketing automation describes the functions of streamlining and placing marketing functions on "auto-pilot" for a business. Marketing automation software is intended to automate mundane marketing activities, so business owners can focus their resources on their product and service without worrying about their marketing.



Common features found in Marketing Automation Software:

  • Advanced Contact Management (CRM)
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • E-mail marketing engine
  • Always-on, fully automated behavior
  • Safe, secure and fast
  • ECommerce services
  • Lead Scoring
  • Business Analytics and Reporting

Recommended Vendors

Marketing automation software vendors offer unique features and functionality. Several "marketing automation" companies out there offer "point" solutions, requiring the business owner to use and integrate multiple systems together.

  • Infusionsoft  -- Intended for the small business with less than 25 employees. Infusionsoft provides all the features small business owners expect so they can automate their marketing for their business. Their product specializes in email marketing, sales force automation, digital delivery, order forms and lead nurturing.

  • Marketo -- Intended for the medium to larger sized business, providing marketing automation, lead generation, lead scoring, landing page assistance and marketing analytics.

  • Eloqua -- Intended for the enterprise-sized organization, offering lead generation, business intelligence, marketing automation and additional specific marketing channel features.