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Social Media Toolkit for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

This toolkit will help you engage and interact more effectively online, by showing you how to:

  • Leverage best social media practices
  • Learn from the experiences of businesses who have leveraged social media
  • Link online engagement to measurable objectives specific to your goals

This Guide is presented in a modular format on this site, with easy-to-find sections that address the topics in an easy-to-understand manner. You will be able to adopt and adapt these practices, strategies and tactics in a manner consistent with your personal interest, objectives planning and business needs.




Chapter 1: Building a strong social media foundation for business success:


Chapter 2: Planning your social media strategy

Chapter 3: Case studies


Chapter 4: Best and next practice


 Chapter 5: Practical advice for getting started

 Worksheets: Planning your social media strategy

Listening audit, Available resources, SWOT,Outline objectives and Plan approach.

PDF version of the toolkit:

In addition to this site, we have also provided this information on Slideshare.