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How do I set up an Dell Business Credit Account?

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How do I set up an Dell Business Credit Account?

  • I used to have a dell account rep.  I called him, he gave me good prices and I paid by credit card.  Now, he's gone and I have no rep.  I called two support numbers but they just sent me on a wild goose chase.  I need to order 2 notebooks and a projector ASAP. I've been trying for the last month to get this going but to no avail.


    How can I get a new rep and set up a credit account.  Help! This needs to happen by tomorrow!

  • PS: I'm in Canada.
  • I would suggest you steer clear of Dell Financial Services.  They are a very non-business friendly organization, and have a terrible offshore collection department with poorly trained staff.


    I had a 25,000 credit line with them, and, when they forgot to send an invoice, we received a statement, and paid from that.  The account went 25 days past due for $158.00 and we received numerous calls from Dell Financial.  Each and every time, we told them the exact day that a check would be processed, and they kept calling.  It was time consuming, upsetting, and their response, given the fact that the credit line was extended by only 1.5% of the line amount, was unbelievable. 


    You would be well advised to use a credit card, because, if something goes awry with your account, dealing with Dell Financial is a horrible experience.


    Good Luck! 

  • Good to know.  I'd like to set up a company account if possible.  Guess it's time to look at other computer suppliers.
  • Just read your message. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not set up a business account.


    I won't bore you with the details of our experience, just suffice to say that we paid $188.78 for an extended warranty on 7/11 by ordering payment online with our bank.


    DFS received payment that date; can't find any record of it. Have spent hours on the phone, sending faxes, emails. They call us all hours of the day and night.


    Last one said, "You pay bill; we send you refund when we get other money."



  • ive had similar problems



    they keep asking me for my credit card when i ask for an account. Do they seriously expect me to put 100 pc's on my card??



  • Just to confirm my earlier advice.


    Received a message from Robert P - DELL last week that DFS "refunded" our $188.78.


    I immediately called to find out why they were refunding anything. I only wanted the $ to be credited to the account which they show overdue.


    Get this. They "found" the $ in our old business account -- corporation dissolved four years ago. They debited that account, but instead of crediting our new account, they credited the old business account AGAIN. So that accounts shows a credit of $250 ($188.78 plus charges), and our new account still shows it's overdue.


    It is beyond unbelievable. I can't find the words to describe it!



  • Thanks for all the advice guys.  I have avoided DFS and moved our account elsewhere.  Trying to get an answer out of the 10+ Dell staff that I talked to was impossible.