Does Dell donate laptops to non-profits?

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Does Dell donate laptops to non-profits?

  • We are a small 501c3 animal rescue group in Dallas that is in dire need of a laptop for our daily operations. Does Dell donate laptops, and if so, what is the process? Thanks.
  • TexasCARES,


    Sounds like you have a great group there.


    Donations are handled through the Dell Foundation, here is the link.





  • It appears as though you meant to to say, "No, we don't contribute to charities like yours," right?

    Well, how about to Senior Centers, most of which are run by foundations registered as 501 (c) non-profit organizations, just like the infamous SuperPACa that now control or political and electoral systems!

    Doug - A volunteer helping seniors learn to use computers.  

    (Note: The better job I do teaching seniors to use computers, the more computers you sell!)

  • Hi urquattro83,

    You can contact the Michael and Susan Dell foundation for donations.


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