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Why is it taking so long to ship my order?

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Why is it taking so long to ship my order?

  • I initially placed an order for an Inspiron laptop on 06/02/07, but there were issues on the Dell  website. It did not ask for my billing address and so the order had to be cancelled and placed again through phone on 06/05/07. There was no initiative from Dell to call and let me know that there was an error in the order. I had to call and ask them what was going on and after numerous transfers on the customer service line, I was finally able to cancel the old order and place a new order on 06/05/07. This order had a shipping date 06/18/07 and estimated arrival date of 06/19/07. Since I hadn't heard from Dell since, I checked the order status today to find that the shipping date has now changed to 06/25/07.
    I did not receive any email notification about the change in the shipping date. Dell did not even bother to send an email explaining why there was a delay. Its strange that it should take almost a month to build a laptop.
    I have been a Dell customer for over 2 years now. This has been a terrible experience and the service seems to have gone down considerably. This has definitely been such a let-down since Dell has been my preferred vendor. I had to call the customer service numerous times and none of the customer service representatives had satisfactory answers to my questions. In fact they just seemed over-eager to cancel my order. This entire experience has definitely changed my perception about Dell as a company.

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  • rashmig,
    You might want to read the explanation posted above.
    Here is the link:
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  • Hi Robert,
    Thanks for your reply. I had read the information in the link you provided, before I posted this message. I understand that it takes a week to build the laptop and it ships to the US from Malaysia.
    However, on my order status, the "estimated shipping date" was mentioned as 06/18/07 and "estimated delivery date" as 06/19/07". And today that got changed to shipping date as 06/25/07 and delivery date as 06/26/07. The point that I wanted to make is that if the shipping dates change due to some reason, the least I would expect is to be notified by phone/email about it and the reason for the delay. I'm sure you'd agree that this is a fair expectation from a customer.
    Also, when I spoke with a customer rep today, he just seemed over-eager to cancel my order instead of letting me know whats going on. That was a total shocker!!! If he could not provide me with an answer, the least he could do would be to point me to someone who could. I have personally been a Dell customer for the last 2 years and hence returned to Dell again. But this time, my experience with Dell has been simply frustrating - waiting indefinitely with absolutely no information whatsoever.

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  • rashmig,
    I have gotten somoene to look up your ordering information and I have answers for you. 
    I will not post that information on the forum, as it is considered private and Dell has very strict privacy policies, but if you respond to my Private Message by clicking the envelope above, I will give you that information.
    Hopefully this will clear things up, and after you see what happened you might have a little better insight  to why the issue was handled in this manner, as it was done to protect your privacy.
  • I am having the same issues. Order placed on 6-4-07 for a desktop, laptop, monitor, and a few other items. Got two of the small items, but still waiting for the computers and monitor. Per the email I got this afternoon, my orders were regenerated and now the ship dates are 6-28, 7-10, and 7-28! When I checked it this morning it showed that they were going to ship this week.... (but then again I got an email that said the order was delayed a week).
    On hold right now (again) with a CST that I cannot understand, had to wait 10 minutes for him to document my problems...
    Really (I guess this was a bad word...) now...

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  • zman9119,
    I will try to find out what's going on with your order, but you first must edit your post.  Cursing is not tolerated on the forum and is a violation of the Terms of Service.  Your post will be removed if it is not edited right away.
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  • I'm having the same problem, and I placed my order around the same time (6/4/07). My order has been delayed 2 times.

    I stopped purchasing Dell computers about 3 years ago. I stopped using Dell because of the service and delays. Recently, I heard all this news about the big improvements in service, support, and delivery.

    This morning I was on hold for over 1 hour. I couldn't wait all day, and now I am on hold again (70 minutes and counting).

    It appears that the delivery and support is worse then it was 3 years ago.

    What does unforeseen circumstances mean?
    Are the problem meeting commitments due to the pending investigation of DELL by the SEC?
    How do I know the new ship date is accurate?
    Why is the hold time on the phone so long?
    Are these delays due to the announce layoff of 10,000 people?

  • zman,
    Please respond to the private message I sent you.
  • PatrickZ7,
    Please respond to the Private Message I sent you.
  • My laptop order was delayed again for the second time due to "unforeseen circumstances". The ship date now says 07/06/07 (Its been a month since I placed the order). I have finally decided to cancel the order.  I'll probably get a Sony or HP. I'll never buy a Dell product again.
    Dell cannot confirm any shipping dates for me. A customer cannot be kept waiting indefinitely like this. If there was a problem with backordering parts, it should have come up when I placed the order itself. Why is there a disconnect between the inventory and the ordering page? It should be made clear to the customer at the time of placing the order. The entire experience has been terribly frustrating.

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  • rashmig,
    The unforseen circumstances you mention are the screens for the laptop.  The supplier could not provide us with enough to fill all the orders and they are on backorder.  Lead time appears to be 20 days, and it affects all 14 inch and 15 inch models.
  • So the first time when my order was delayed, the problem was that the processors were not available, but the monitors were. And now when the processors are available, the monitors are not. So now when the monitors arrive, maybe some driver will not be available. Or maybe the processor will be used for some other order, and so would have to be backordered for me again. Going by that, Dell should probably estimate the building time for a laptop as 3 months at a minimum.
    When I placed the order, I did not get any notification saying that there were potential shortages in these parts which could lead to a delay in my order. If I was informed about that when I placed the order, I would have expected a delay and made arrangements accordingly. Isn't it fair to let a customer know the realistic dates for shipping a product? I have made commitments based on Dell's estimated shipping date. How do you think this reason would fly with my client - "My monitor is back ordered and hence my laptop is not here for the last one month, and so I cannot honor my commitments."

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  • rashmig,
    Here is the information regarding shipment of products that was in effect when the order was placed.

    Order Confirmation/Delivery Time
    At Dell, we know you want to receive your order as soon as possible, and we make every effort to speed things along.

    After you submit a completed order and we get approval of your specified payment option, we release your order to our manufacturing facility.

    You will receive an Order Confirmation from Dell immediately via email. Within 48 hours of your completed online order, you receive an Order Information email that contains:

    • Your order number
    • Your customer number
    • The total order amount
    • An estimated ship date

    With this information, you can monitor your order's status by using Dell's online order status tracking system.

    Based on the availability of system parts and other factors that affect our manufacturing process, lead times for individual systems may fluctuate. The time it takes from the order date to the ship date will depend both on your system's individual lead time and the shipping option you choose.


    Here is the entire page from the website:




  • Hi Robert,
    I am aware of this information. That still does not answer my question. Shouldn't there be a better co-ordination between the inventory and the order website, so customers know there can be potential delays and plan accordingly?
    The order tracking status system only mentions the order status as "In production". It does not give information like what part is backordered, what other part could create a shortage etc. So I cannot monitor any progress on my order.
    My shipping option was "Next business day delivery". But that does not even matter at this stage, because the laptop itself is not completely manufactured.

  • "I have made commitments based on Dell's estimated shipping date. How do you think this reason would fly with my client - "My monitor is back ordered and hence my laptop is not here for the last one month, and so I cannot honor my commitments."
    "Shouldn't there be a better co-ordination between the inventory and the order website, so customers know there can be potential delays and plan accordingly?"

    Are you reselling the computer?
    The estimated ship date was provided, as well as revised estimated ship dates, as soon as the unforseen delays became known.