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Dell Order Status - What does "shipped" really mean?

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Dell Order Status - What does "shipped" really mean?

  • This is my response to a recent on-line survey "... about your call to Dell Customer Care"

    Excellent product; Excellent online Support. 

    What needed improving is order status regarding the DELIVERY. I selected OVERNIGHT. My system order was built and the order status showed "shipped". Sounds like great news - I made business decisions based on receiving the new system the next day.  The system did not show up as indicated.

    After calling Dell I was informed that it was no longer in their possession but in FedEX's -- which is the dock at the Dell plant.  I needed to call FedEX for the status.  FedEX reported the package was held "until the [FedEX] truck is full".  (It is UNACCEPTABLE for Dell to show the order status as shipped when in fact is had not left the facility.) Further frustrating was that FedEx could not specifiy when the truck was leave (what day).

    This is both a Dell status reporting flaw - and a FedEX flaw. Dell should correct.



  • DCCyr,
    Thanks for the post.  You bring up some great points that desearve to be heard.  However, the Dell Community Forum is meant to be a person-to-person tool so Dell customers and those curious about our products can share ideas and ask questions.  The primary user-to-Dell tool is IdeaStorm.  Please copy your post there. 

  • DCCyr,
    Not sure how you were able to order "OVERNIGHT" shipping, as Dell does not offer this type of service.  Dell only offers the following shipping services:
    Shipping Method
    Shipping and handling timeframes listed below do not include the time required to build and test products.
    3-5 Day Delivery $29.99   
    2nd Business Day Delivery $59.00   

    Next Business Day Delivery $109.00   


    Each of the above shipping methods are based upon Business Days (Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm) and not on Calendar Days.  Dell's contracts with the shippers:  ie; UPS, FedEx, DHL, does not include Saturday deliveries either.


    Now, if you were given a "preliminary ship date": 

      Preliminary Ship Date: 6/4/20073

    There is a note attached to this which states:

    3 The Preliminary Ship Date represents the estimated time it takes to process your order and custom build your computer based on approved credit card purchase. The Preliminary Ship Date is not intended to provide you with an actual estimated ship date. Your estimated ship date may vary based upon the payment method you choose and other factors. You will receive your Estimated Ship Date in your e-mail confirmation. Customers using E-Check as their method of payment should add 3 days to their Preliminary Ship Date.

    Now, it normally takes 3 - 5 days to build a Desktop and at least a week to build a laptop (laptops are built in Malaysia), so it still would take some time before the computer would be completed and then sent to the shipper.


    Hope this helps explain the Dell Logistics.


    Thanks for using the Dell Community Forum

  • DELL-Robert P
    Ok, the Dell term I should have used is "Next Day..." but FedEX calls it Overnight. I am just stating the information I was given from either the website, e-mail updates, or verbal by Dell and FedEX.  I'm not a whiner or looking for a drama award.  This is a problem I've have experienced in one fashion or another in the past as well.
    I ordered through the Small Business department - and the date indicated delivery date a system is to arrive at its customer shouldn't be taken carelessly. In small business it's all about timing.
    I know the difference from "estimated ship date" and the Dell's term "shipped".  Dell's description is
    After an order has completed the manufacturing process and shipping preparations it is transitioned to the carrier for delivery. Shipping time will vary based on type of order and size and shipping method chosen.
    Yes, my system was completed over the weekend but the FedEX tracking listed the package as "picked-up" on Saturday with a Wednesday delivery date.
    My point was, that I would like them to be more succinct to their Business customers.
  • I was told by an online rep that when DEll indicates it has only means the order was in processing. He shipped actually means the computer is being assembled. He also noted that the estimated delivery date is not accurate and does not mean estimated actual delivery date to me. he calculated another 7 days onto the date Dell said it could be delivered by.