Account Manager Uncontactable

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Account Manager Uncontactable

  • Help!

    I'm trying to contact my account manager for the last four days and I'm hearing nothing back from her.

    I've e-mailed, tried ringing and all to no avail!

    I have a large opportunity that I want to discuss and no one is interested.

  • Hello qubixtech, I have asked some one from Dell to contact you about this.


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  • Did you not get an OOO reply with someone to contact in his absence?  I would just call and talk to someone else (or ask for a new manager if this is an ongoing problem).

  • qubixtech,

    Can you send me a private message here in the forum of your Account Managers name as well as your name and a contact phone number? I will then contact the account manager and request that they contact you.

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  • The same thing just happened to me and this isn't the first time.  I emailed the rep about a server quote on Tuesday - no reply. This is not the first time this has happened so I started emailing the manager of my rep and got an out of office reply with another contact name.  That person has replied and said that I have a new rep.  It would be nice if when this happens someone from Dell would call the customers or at least have someone monitoring the email of the old rep.