Impossible to buy M6600 from Dell Outlet

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Impossible to buy M6600 from Dell Outlet

  • Hi All,

    Has anyone else noticed that it is completely impossible to get a Precision M6600 into your cart. I have been trying for 2 days...I tried refreshing the list ever 30-45 secs and when I see an M6600 come up...I click 'Select Warranty and Accessories' and I immediately click 'add to cart'...type the verification string and it always fails because the M6600 is already sold. I ran through that entire process in less than a minute and still unable to ever get an M6600 into my cart. I know the inventory turns over quickly...but it seems to me that there has to be automated systems that are scraping all the inventory before anyone can get it.

    This question about how to purchase from the outlet is also directed to Dell. I have been a Dell user for well over 10 years and want to upgrade my M6300 to an M6600 but don't know how I can get one from the seems like there must be some process that is favoring resellers, rather than users.



  • Hi bmf617,

    I don`t know much about the outlet, but I will ask a moderator to check on this for you.


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  • Hi Bryan,

    I understand you are having difficulty ordering from the Dell Outlet.  I was able to place one in my cart, so please keep trying.  You can also order from the Outlet over the phone 1-800-518-3355.


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