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What is Dells excalation policy on customer issues?

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What is Dells excalation policy on customer issues?

  • I was wondering what is Dells escalation procedure for customer complaints and issues? 

    Previously, if a customer had an issue there was always a clear escalation chain (acct rep, acct mgr, unit mgr, dept mgr, division mgr etc) and if a problem was unresolved, all you had to do was go up the chain a few levels and that (usually ) fixed the problem.

    Recently after trying to get a severe set of problems resolved, I found that it was nearly impossible to determine that information from either the quotes\orders themselves, the website or calling in on the customer service, sales or support lines.

    In fact the parties answering the phone at several of the toll free lines routinely disconnect you when you ask for this information and you are left with the impression that if you have a problem with order creation, pre-sales services or post sales (non- technical ) support you are on your own and they really don't want to hear about it.

    This seems to be a departure from how it used to be and I am wondering what is the new procedure? 

    What does the new chain look like and is that something you can post prominently on your website for customers like myself who run into these issues.













  • Opticorp,

    Sorry you are having difficulties contacting someone to resolve your issue.  If you could send me a Private Message by clicking on my name in blue, then on the next page click on the envelope icon that says "send message", I'll see what I can do to assist.  Thanks.


  • I agree with original poster above. I feel that Dell has business process issue at their SME division. I have a ridiculous issue with a quite simple order (just one server with software and accessasories). But the it get canceled by Dell 3 times now, waisting > 6 hours of my time and cost us at least a week delay now.

    Each time I call Dell, I either got transfer many time without any resolution and then dropped!


    A typical process goes like this:

    sales - "let me transfer you to verification" (which turns out to be credit card group)

    credit card - "oh your order is a business order, let me transfer you to that division"



    Some conversation is very irratating

    Agent - "I need to transfer you to collector department"

    me (at this point alreay been transfered more than 3 times on this one call, being wary and being unfamiliar with collector department) - "can you please explain what does collector department do before you transfer me?"

    Agent - "I don't have that informat."  (repeated serveral times and then he just ignore my query and decide to forward my call, which end up as a dropped call")

    what? I felt like I am talking to monkeys trained to read set scripts.


    I guess the really problem is that when corporate has grown large, there are too many red tapes and bueracracy.

    I suppose that my sales rep should own my issue and track it down to fix it. But they are not empowered to do so. All they can do is to pass the misinformation back to me. For instance, once they told me my credit card rejected my order. As I found out, the opposite was true. AmEx approved the charges but it is Dell's order verification decide that they need more information and put "CANCELLED"  on my orders.

    These order verification guys/gals are in India. They are probably trained to do the job mechanically. They feel no incentive to help US customer and their own US sales college. My sales rep end up trying to send in orders with different billing / shipping information but turn around time is long.

    Order verification's attitude is "the sales guy messed up everything" "everything was wrong on your first order". Come on, don't they understand that a business order typically has different billing and shipping contacts? I ended up using my personal card / billing / shipping to just get this done. But it is a terrible experience. To this moment, it is still just insulting to hear that "everything was wrong on your first order" because every bit of information there is valid information (billing, shipping address, credit card account and etc).

    If I ask to speak to a supervisor, they (the india group) would try every trick to ignore me or arguing that now he is fixing my problem. Not addressing a customer's question or request directly is very rude - it waste everybody's time.

    I also don't understand why people in the India group don't have their extension. They will say "call this number someone from here will assist you" - does any one feel accountable to own any issues they handle?

    Lastly, maybe there are so many issues around that corporates nowadays don't really want to have a "customer relations" department to hear complains anymore. I guess the reality might be- even if they hear you, they won't be able to help anymore (because of too many issues).


  • Dells idea of service is based on fraudulent activity

    Follow this:

    Place and order and have it cancelled by Dell within 24 hours

    "Thank you for choosing Dell! Members of Dell's Order Verification Department recently tried to contact you either by phone or email, requesting additional information about an order that you placed. We regret that we have had to cancel the order number(s) below as we were unable to establish contact with you and ensure security of the transaction. We apologize for any inconvenience this security step may cause. Dell is committed to providing a safe and secure shopping experience for our customers.

    We value your business and would like the opportunity to fulfill your order. If you would like to reinstate your order, please contact Dell at 1-300-733-353 Extn: 1610311. To expedite the handling of your call, please have your order number(s) (see below) when calling."

    Then when I log into view details of the order,all details have been removed.

    Two days later Dell then debits me without authorisation.

    When I lodge a complaint online,I DO NOT as claimed get a reply withing the 8 Hours that Dell claims

    I then log into the account to find out these thieves at Dell have reconstituted the account with a different order number to cover their fraudulent activity.And then proceeded to ship something on an un-verified,non-requested order.

    Dell cancelled the order,and now they continue this act of fraud.

    What they are doing will be posted on every viral site I can find,and I intend to make it clear to everyone what they have done.

  • Hi frogpoo,

    Sorry you are having problems with your computer order.  I may be able to assist.  Please contact me privately by clicking my username, then on the next page, click the envelope icon that says "start conversation" and send me your information.  I'll see what I can do.  Thanks.



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