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Can't Transfer Ownership

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Can't Transfer Ownership

  • After purchasing an M4400 from a DELL Reseller I am unable to transfer ownership.

    The reseller says even they do not have the details of the Original Owner.

    Therefore after completing the online Ownership Transfer form it wasn't surprising that the transfer failed.

    I find this wholey unsatisfactory for a business device.

    I am currently having trouble getting sufficient technical support for the device since the reseller doesn't seem to know anything about laptops at all. But that is a separate issue.

    Thank you

  • Sounds kinda like, you get what you pay for and "Buyer Beware".  Should have bought from the manufacturer directly.

    Beer  Thanks for the beer, next round is on me!

  • Return the system to the reseller and purchase a new computer directly from Dell.  Simple.


  • This IS a DELL authorised reseller.

    The way I see it I bought a DELL from a legitimate business source with proof of purchase etc.

    For some reason when DELL offload these systems to their resellers they don't pass on any of the original owner information making it impossible to make the Ownership Transfer using the online form.

    Legally I own the system because I bought it from an authorised DELL reseller and have the documents to prove it. So I'd like to know why the Ownership Transfer can not be made. It certainly doesn't belong to the original owner, DELL or the reseller.

    Does that not seem reasonable?

  • timoto,

    A Dell Authorized Reseller obtains their products directly from Dell.  Refurbished models come directly from Dell as well.  Even if it is a return, all the previous customer information is removed before Dell sells it to the Resellers, so it would not be needed for a Transfer of Ownership. 

    If the reseller sold you an item that did not come directly from Dell, then I would question their business practices and they might be in violation of the terms of the Reseller Agreement.  If that's the case, then send me the information on this Reseller, and I will forward it to the Reseller division for further investigation.




  • Hello Robert

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    When contacting DELL technical hardware support in the past month, they requested that I identify myself. They said that my details did not match those they had on record for that system as the Owner. I assumed from this that they must have details of another Owner. I contacted the reseller,, who said they had no previous owner details given to them from DELL and that they often had issues with customers trying to Transfer Ownership of their laptop systems. I understand from Server Source that they are fairly new to dealing with laptop systems as they have much more experience with DELL servers.

    I have requested Server Source to confirm where they obtain their DELL laptop systems.



  • OK, so Server Source now tell me they purchase unrefurbished laptops from DELL, they refurbish them, then sell them on.

    So, where do I stand now?


  • Hi Tim,

    Ok, let me see what I can get done.  Could you please send me the following information in a Private Conversation (do not post this on the forum) by clicking on "contact" below, then "start a conversation with Dell-Robert P" and I'll see what I can do.  Thanks.

    Telephone Number
    Email Address
    Customer Number
    Order Number
    Service Tag Number



  • Thank you for your assistance Robert, I have now been contacted by the DELL Corporate Office to deal with this matter.

  • I have a handful of servers that we bought used.  I'm not interested in guarantee's I just want assistance when the system goes down.  These are mostly PowerEdge 2950's and 1950's.  Of course I have no idea of the original owner or if they are even still in business.   Surely Dell knows who they sold these systems to.  This seems unreasonable.  Sure I could understand if Dell would be on the hook for parts but that's not what I care about.  Shoot say that if  the system is transferred the warranty is invalid I wouldn't care.  I just want the ability to get some help in a crisis. Just someone else to ask questions surely Dell If it becomes common knowledge that second hand Dell servers won't be supported wouldn't that play into some companies valuations of the systems?

  • Hi SaulGoode,

    I understand you are concerned about getting service for your servers.  Tech Support should assist you with anything you need.  If the ownership needs to be transferred, they will be able to do that for you.  However, you can do it online if you want.  Here is the link:

    If you need further assistance, Please contact me privately by clicking my username, then on the next page, click the envelope icon that says "send message" and send me your information.  I'll see what I can do.  Thanks.



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  • @DELL-Robert P

    Unfortunately transferring ownership online is not possible without knowing the original owner.

    And doing the same with tech support over the phone is also not possible.

    I am still unable to transfer ownership and thus I am unsupported.

  • Hi timoto,

    Please follow the instructions above and contact me privately.  I'll see what I can do.



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  • I don't mean to be rude, but when I followed your instructions way back then, I was simply passed on to support and they said they couldn't change the ownership for me.

    That whole process took ages and nothing came of it.

    So I'm just wondering what it is that you might be able to do differently this time ?

  • Please contact me and I'll explain.  Thanks.